Thursday, June 11, 2009

Go 100 percent faster with Shaw -- if you need it

Got my Shaw modem swapped with their swanky new model this afternoon at Shaw Tower downtown. Now that I've got it, I've been told it allows me to sign up for their Shaw High Speed Xtreme-I, which goes up to 15Mbps, or twice as fast as what I've been using.

The introductory cost (only until May 31st) to get you spoiled on higher speed is an $4.95 per month over what I'm paying now, for the first three months. After that, the regular additional charge of $10 starts.

So what can surfing at double speed let me do? Discover Twitter is over-capacity twice as quickly?

For now I'm going to decline, I think. There's "faster", but for average schmoes, there's also "fast enough". Just as someone who only needs word processing really could do just fine with an old IBM AT Compatible and Windows 3.1.

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