Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dining Out for Life - Emelle's Catering

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For Dining Out for Life on March 25th, I picked two places to try: Emelle's Catering for breakfast, and Nook for dinner.

I didn't have any particular recommendation for Emelle's, but rather chose it because it was very close to where I volunteer for the Vancouver Crisis Centre and could pop by in the morning after my shift.
I had a look at their website beforehand, and had picked out their Corned Beef Hash and Jumbo Buttery Croissant. When I got there and checked the menu again (in case of something new -- websites can be notoriously outdated, like Le Gavroche's, which makes no mention of their Lobster Fest as the "latest news" on their website is from November 2005), there was mention of butterhorns and I thought to ask about it.
Sadly, I was told that it wasn't being made anymore, and should have been taken off the menu. No problem. Jumbo buttery croissant it is!
Oops... No, that wasn't on the menu either. In fact, I was told that the entire baked goods blackboard shouldn't still be up there. So if you researched their menu online, you shouldn't count on anything listed under "fresh from the oven" to be available.
Did they at least have corned beef hash? Yup. Whew.

Overall the corned beef hash was pretty tasty and though some might find it not salty enough, far from bland. I personally felt there could have been a bit more beef and a bit less onion. And the potatoes could have been cut much smaller, too.
The potatoes were cut into chunks about a cubic inch in volume, which meant that you couldn't really scoop it up with either fork or spoon and expect to also get corned beef and other hashy goodness with it in the same bite. Likely you'll spear it with a fork, and all the other ingredients in the dish would fall off.

The hash came with two eggs any style; and two slices of toast, cut diagonally and pre-buttered (or was it margarine?), so if you're watching your waistline, you might want to ask for butter on the side.

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