Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lunch at the Hide Out

Had to run to the Land Title Office of BC today to get my parents' place re-registered to be under just my mom's name (my dad having passed away in January). Funny how it's not that important, but if you want to straighten things out, they'll charge you $73 and change.

Anyway, the Land Title Office is in New Westminster, and I had a boo at DineHere to see whether there was an interesting place for lunch. (Truth be told, I've always had a dim view of New Westminster as a place where great dining experiences are to be had.)

Anyway, a look about the nearby places listed on DineHere came up with The Hide Out Cafe on Carnavon Street. The site is a bit (okay, a lot) skimpy and the online menu was non-functional on the morning I checked it, but it had had good recent reviews on Dine Here, and I went to look for the mango chicken wrap that was talked about.

It did not disappoint! If the mango chicken wrap (made in-house) were to be improved, I think it would be to have the mango a bit more evenly distributed, but otherwise the wrap was excellent. Not so full of rice (as some wraps are wont to be) that it seems that's all you're eating. Generous with ingredients like the feta, and you can clearly see chunks of mango and large chunks of chicken. They also had a nice selection of teas. Medium tea and full-size wrap (half-wrap was also available) came out to just over $10.

Staff were friendly, and pleasantly confident in their food and beverage offerings by simply being pleased and excited about your order. They checked in with me just as restaurant wait staff might, something you don't always get at a busy cafe. I popped in shortly before the lunch rush from the law courts across the street, and was glad for it because shortly after my grilled wrap arrived, they had 3 people waiting at the counter, some of whom sounded like regulars.

I would definitely recommend this place for the pleasant staff and quiet locale. (here insert punnish reference to it being truly a "hide out" :roll eyes:)

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