Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meet Shasta Gongalves who decided to rename herself Jenni

Honestly, she's got to be one of the lousier Craigslist scammers... Not only did she follow up very slowly, but she changed her name!

Email #1 - August 5th, as "Shasta Gongalves" (shasta3915@hotmail.com)

hola, I would love to talk.

Email #2 - August 17th, as "Jennifer" (jennifer@wogakerre.net)

How are you doing? Interesting email, lol. I am simply looking for a nsa thingy, if you are too then let's talk a bit and see where this goes. What do you say? In case you are interested, let's meet at:


If you are not interested, just let me know and I won't write you back...


The link redirects to xxxmatch.com, which has the gimmick of an "interactive" perfect-10 model who takes off a piece of clothing every time you advance a step toward signing up. It's like Desktop Stripper, only you have to work harder and probably give up your credit card number.

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