Wednesday, August 18, 2010

SchlatterBeckie "BoyCrazedDella" follows up with attempt #2

You may remember I wrote about the Craiglist personals affiliate program spammer "SchlatterBeckie" ( Well, I wrote back saying that Hotmail reported her message as "This message looks suspicious to our SmartScreen filters."

Amazingly, she wrote back:

Simon did ya make an attempt to message me? They erased my profile for naked pics. :-/ I made a better profile at and They don't care what I do there. Let's message if u made some time. BoyCrazedDella :-)

This time selling Incidentally. has a website layout that is only cosmetically different from MeetLocals. The main difference being an X-rated deep-red colour for a background, and the scariest chick imaginable for a covergirl. She's got a perfect-10 body, but there's something about her teeth and wide lips that make her look like a shark...

scam dating site Fling_com, August-18-2010

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