Sunday, September 12, 2010

Craislist Scammer - i'm searching for 9 inches...

Not too long ago I wrote about sexciihorny, who had some pretty decent pics. She recycled her follow-up naked pic for this latest reply to my personals ad on Craiglist. I can't post that, of course, but check out her opening line!

Email #1 from
i'm searching for 9 inches or far better.. reply with pic and contact number,, place mr huge

My reply (no pic sent)
Sorry, not hung like a horse here (not even a pony, for that matter).
Good luck with your search!

If you're willing to settle for 7, you can try


Email #2 from "Amber" (
Hey how are you
Im fascinated in some factor that is lengthy time period, NSA. I wish to keep this a secret - my ex-boyfriend is kinda a psycho ever since we broke up. haha .... four yr relationship. Anyways.. I do have a daughter who is 22 months old, but she will usually be sleeping by the time you arrive over...
This is my first time doing this kinda factor online - so Im kinda iffy about it.
I don't use any messengers - only one that I use for operate...
i was hoping we could remain in contact by texting in case your fascinated in making it lengthy time period.... you will probably be in a position to get my quantity as soon as you sign up so im thinking we could get together tonight or tomorrow night - that would be excellent... Im signing off the computer now although, hope to listen to from you xoxo.

I've attached an image, please keep this to your self, I've a extremely important position and I don't require people finding this out


  1. i got the same exact message from this mysterious "Amber"
    its a scam

  2. Man, I feel so neglected now. Amber just wrote me tonight, almost word for the same story. She even included a nude photo of herself. We are supposed to hook up real soon....