Monday, December 13, 2010

Trafalgar's European Explorer 2006 memoirs part 6

Assorted couples on my 2006 trip, a Trafalgar's bus tour, on an itinerary called the European Explorer.

Trafalgar European Explorer 2006-March-28

Trafalgar European Explorer 2006-March-28

This couple had something of an interesting past that I didn't quite get the full scoop on. Apparently he was something of a wild one in his youth, with at least some soft drugs, like booze and marijuana. And marrying her "tamed" him.
The store is Gassan diamonds. The shot is supposed to be her dragging him into the store against his will. The whole thing was messed up -- I was paying attention to the couple and didn't even notice my reflection in the mirrored surface. DUH!

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