Wednesday, May 18, 2011

FREE Cinnamon Knot Day!

Hi Everyone!

It looks like not everyone knows (or cares) that it's FREE Cinnamon Knot Day today at a Bread Garden near you.
Yes, despite the direct mail blitz, there were no lineups this morning at BG Urban Cafés all over the Lower Mainland, apparently to formally announce the rebranding / makeover of The Bread Garden into a trendier brown-colour-themed BG Urban Café (your VISA receipt will still show "Bread Garden", at least at the 888 West Pender Street location).
And although the flyers show the website address to end in an accented "e", it is actually not necessary to type that special character for the web address.

The Cinnamon Knot is not a cinnamon bun at all, but a moist and chewy twisted bread. Simple and delicious, and definitely worth a try, especially when they're handing them out free today. No coupon necessary -- just show up!

I also took the chance to pick up a "Black Ganache Cake", which is listed in the flyer as a "Chocolate Conspiracy Cake". Mostly it is a smooth khaki cream in the middle sandwiched by a rich brownie-like cake, plus cream and soft chocolate "croutons" on top. Beautiful, but at $5.99 before tax, I thought the wedge could have been a bit wider. Not so rich to give you a heavy feeling or so sweet to give you a burning in your throat, but definitely delicious.

Anyway, stop reading and go get your free Cinnamon Knot at these Lower Mainland locations! (^_^)

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