Monday, July 1, 2013

Stick with the Smoked Meat at Dunn's Famous

Dunn's Famous on UrbanspoonAfter much wrangling over where to go for good poutine, our dining group settled on Dunn's Famous. Some had already been to La Belle Patate and they reported with horror that the gravy was vegan. I've never been there, but if it is, it might be worth checking out for vegan fare. Hmm...

Anyway, I'd been to Dunn's Famous before and the tenderness of the smoked meat is good (the whole concept of smoked meat is another matter). This time I wanted to try something different, plus dessert.

Latkes ($6.99) Traditional potato latkes fried up golden brown. Served with sour cream. (picture)
  • Four latkes for $7. Each maybe added up to the volume of a pack of cigarettes, so that's almost $2 per potato pancake.
  • Very salty. You really need the sour cream to temper it, but the salt is still there of course.
  • Enough onion to make its flavour known, so if that's what you like, then you'll like this.
  • Overall I feel this is too pricey for the quantity you get.
Butter Chicken Poutine ($8.99) On special, not on regular menu.
  • It's poutine but instead of gravy, you get "butter chicken" poured over it.
  • Generous with the sauce, so all the fries quickly went soggy.
  • The sauce tastes nothing like Butter Chicken. Strong tang from the tomato, so if that helps you eat all those fries, you might actually like this. But if you're looking for some sort of Indian fusion, try elsewhere.
Carrot Cake ($6.99) Layers of spiced carrot-laden cake with pineapple,walnuts & coconut covered with cream cheese icing & topped with coconut, slivered almonds & a drizzle of white chocolate. (picture)
  • This was really decent. Very moist, almost pudding-like. Not the usual crumbly mess you often get with supermarket carrot cake.
  • Didn't really detect pineapple, so I'll have to take it on faith that it's inside.
  • Hugely disappointed at the portion for the price, which is basically $7. For that price, I expected the slice to have been twice as big. Instead, the wide end of the slice wasn't much more than an inch. This is why I really wanted to avoid downtown dining this year -- You're paying for location and ambiance.
For "large groups" (we were 7 persons) there was an automatic 15% gratuity.

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