Monday, March 31, 2014

Waffle and Berries

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Waffle and Berries specializes in large waffles that are basically $4 ($3.95), plus simple toppings (around $2). If you are even thinking of going to pricey-store-rent downtown Vancouver for a waffle, then you're probably not balking at the price, which is on par with Cafe Medina and less than Jules Bistro. You get a freshly made waffle, fresh fruit, lots of whipped cream, and pleasant ambiance (picture by qasic).
This latter is up to you to decide of course, but it's clean, bright, and feels spacious: For a small store, they have rather large tables and comfortable chairs. They aren't sandwiching you in with the seating arrangement, and your table is big enough to not be crowded by your plates and drinks. This may sound like a trivial point, but seriously, just notice how tight things feel next time you're at different diners and restaurants.

They use liege waffles. Despite the picture on their sidewalk advertisement, the waffle is slightly long rather than simply roundish, so you're getting slightly more waffle. It is otherwise like a waffle: Almost crispy on the outside, "meaty" and soft on the inside. Of the available toppings, speculoos is probably the most unusual thing on the menu. It is basically a spread that looks like peanut butter but tastes like speculoos cookies (which in turn kinda just taste like they were slightly spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg). Jars of them are available for $8.50 each at the store if you are inclined. I found the flavour to be on the subtle side, and it definitely tastes like a biscuit. This tasty goop is apparently very popular in Belgium.

A large hot chocolate is $4.45. No decaf coffee, apparently.
Orders are taken at the counter. I picked up my drink when they called it out, but our waffle orders were brought to our table (huh?) so pay attention! If you order waffles, throw in a tip when you pay, or just leave a little something at the table (unless you're taking advantage of pay-at-the-counter to shave off that extra ~15% tip that comes with dining out).


  1. very nicely said, I'm new to Vancouver, I have tried many waffle places in Vancouver, Thanks to your review I found this place, and fall in love with it, thank you so much for this informative blog, much appreciated.

    1. Hi Sam,
      You're welcome! Thanks for reading and leaving a comment!