Friday, January 23, 2015

Special Dale Mackay / Jesse Zuber 5-Course from Fable

Fable Kitchen on Urbanspoon Got an e-mail just yesterday from fan-favourited Fable Kitchen, announcing a special 5-Course Dinner by Dale Mackay, Jesse Zuber, and Fable Kitchen.

Chef Dale Mackay joins Fable

Friday January 30th Dale Mackay and his head chef Jesse Zuber will be executing a special 5 course dinner with Chef Trevor Bird and the Fable team.  Dale currently owns critically acclaimed Ayden Kitchen in his hometown of Saskatoon but we Vancouverites know him best from his win on the first season of Top Chef Canada and Ensemble restaurant that opened shortly after.  

We wanted to be sure our past Fable diners were aware of this event since a some seats still remain available.


  • BC Dungeness Crab with lobster gelee, kaffir lime and lemongrass
  • Steelcut Oats, mushroom and coffee
  • Saskatchewan Dieffenbaker Trout with cauliflower, ras el hanout, red wine jus
  • Duck Three Ways with sunchoke pave, quince, duck skin granola
  • Apple Pie and aged Canadian cheddar

Tickets are $125 which includes all tax & gratuity for the 5 course meal.  Contact us directly by phone at Fable


to purchase your tickets and arrange seating time.  Each table is booked for a 2 hour dining experience and of course Chef Mackay will be front and center on our open kitchen executing his courses and visiting with our guests.  Please say hi and let him know you are a fan!

Assuming 5% GST + 15% gratuity which are included in the $125 ticket, this five-course is priced at just about $105.

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