Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Big Smoke Burger Faster than the speed of McDonalds

Click to add a blog post for Big Smoke Burger on Zomato OK, not really faster than McDonalds, but fast. It's a tiny cafeteria with communal seats. The small kitchen back there is sardined with maybe over 10 people who are probably mostly grilling, because my burger came FAST.
They were slammed, but fast service kept things moving with McDonalds-worthy speed. They only *sometimes* asked for a customer's name so some orders got kind of confused, but it's early days and they're working out the kinks. Impressively swift operation with thankfully adequate kitchen staffing to keep the burgers coming (and hence, keeping the customer queue moving).

(Signature) Big Smoke Burger ($8.99?) horseradish mayo, caramelized onions, smoked cheddar, tomato, lettuce
  • Really, really, decent grilled-to "medium" rarity burger. Moist enough. No pink, but you are warned that the patties may come out with some pink. Good regulation thickness at approximately 1 cm thick.
  • Rest of the burger is a waste of time. Too boring: Not enough horseradish bite, not enough caramelized onions.
  • McDonalds style burger construction. This *may* be due to their being so busy at the time we walked in.
  • Price is OK due to the patty, but overall I would recommend you instead try another of their more interesting signatures.
Hand-Cut Fries ($3.89 to $5.69 as part of a combo)
  • A bit soft on the outside. Fresh but did not seem crispy enough to make them really good fries.
  • Portion for $3.49 is about the same as what you can get a The Cannibal Café for $1.95, so if you are going to get fries at all, do one of their combo deals and get a drink with it.
They are still newish so cut them a bit of slack if they are awkward in conversation or struggling to remember protocol and lines.

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