Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Redeeming features to BG Urban Cafe (Metrotown)

Click to add a blog post for BG Urban Cafe on Zomato Some places have an awful location but are great (e.g., BETA5 and Audrey's Moment). Some places have a great location but are awful.

OK, BG Urban Cafe at Metrotown isn't exactly awful. But it's not ace. It does, however, have good things going for it.

  • It's big. You can fit a lot of people in there (which you can't say for just about every other chain cafe that comes to mind, right?), or easily find seating. Plus it's long so there's a long patio-ish sidewalk seating.
  • It's got parking. Tons of mall parking just around the corner.
  • Price is OK now that we have been thoroughly conditioned by Starbucks.
  • Free wifi. And since there aren't tons of people, you'll probably get a great connection.
  • Their "large" Dixie Cup drink size is wider than Starbucks but not by much. So it looks small because it looks short, but probably you are getting a Grande sized portion.
  • Inconsistent. I ordered their current promo, a cold red tea rooibos with five times the antioxidants of green tea. (Yay!)
    • Lemon: Lots of ice. But lemony. OK.
    • Mango: Chilled, but hardly any ice (so I guess I got more tea!). But where's my mango? Not OK. And even without ice, it tasted watered down. Hmm...
Not so okay:
  • It looks like staff went AWOL. I've been there twice and each time it looks like there's just one person. In this huge store. Working in the back. Once I had to lean over the counter to catch a glimpse of her and wave frantically (no, I did not want to holler  and draw too much attention).
If you are a foodie and are looking for a dining experience... what are you even doing in a chain cafe? If you are looking for a quiet place to relax, study, or work; moderately priced drinks and snacks while you are passing the hours; easy parking; free wifi... Give this place a try.

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