Monday, December 14, 2015

Miss Saigon banh mi and shaved ice

Miss Saigon Vietnamese Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Back to Miss Saigon Friday night to try a couple more things before their 25%-off Grand Opening special drops to 20% next week. I had the phở before I gave their bánh mì and shaved ice a go.
After comparing notes with a few friends, their phở is "standard sized", and the amount of meat in their bánh mì is average.

Grilled Meat Bánh Mì ($5.25) choice of chicken or pork
  • Went with chicken. Meat was actually quite tasty, like satay chicken minus the satay sauce. Too bad the flavour was covered up by the veggies and bread. I suppose you could isolate the flavour by taking out the meat, then eat your remaining veggie sub with liberal amounts of hoisin sauce or hot sauce provided at the table (no, those coloured bottles aren't mustard and ketchup).
Shaved Ice - Red Bean ($4) served with tapioca and coconut cream
  • They had no fruits (eh?) that day so I had to choose the bean desserts.
  • Where's my tapioca?
  • Shaved ice on top fell off when I was trying to scoop out something to go with it. So I just at it off. It was plain water shaved ice -- i.e., tasteless. This is a shaved ice dessert?
  • Remaining stuff in the cup was tasteless green jelly, red bean, and presumably coconut cream. Tasted like red bean and coconut.
  • At least the damage was only $3 ($4, minus 25% Grand Opening discount).
Come here for cheap OK meals. Go somewhere else for a proper dessert. Richmond if you can handle that, like Mango Mama where for a couple dollars more you can get a whopping big flavoured ice dessert with fruit.

2015-Dec-11 Miss Saigon wall art

2015-Dec-11 Miss Saigon grilled chicken bahn mi

2015-Dec-11 Miss Saigon grilled chicken bahn mi closeup

2015-Dec-11 Miss Saigon shaved ice dessert

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