Thursday, March 24, 2016

Aji Pasta Sauce

I was introduced to Aji Gourmet Products at a YVR Foodies event at Trattoria Burnaby where they spoke briefly about their sauces. Yesterday I tried their Aji BURN. Today I whipped up some pasta to try their not-yet-in-stores but available online Aji Pasta.

It tasted similar to some of that tomato pasta sauce with assorted spices (insert random brand name here), BUT a lot less salty tasting, despite having 770 mg of sodium per half-cup (125 mL) -- which is quite a bit more than some sauces, like the Classico line of Tomato Sauces. In fact the predominant flavour was more sweet, though also not overly sweet. As with all pasta sauces, you really don't need a lot to flavour your pasta (if you wanted soup or stew, then you're not really having a pasta dish anymore).

Random Ingredient comparison:

Aji Pasta
Classico Di Napoli
Tomato & Basil
Basil Basil
Black Pepper
Garlic Garlic
Dehydrated Garlic
Lemon Juice
Olive Oil Olive Oil
Onions Onions
Dehydrated Onion
Sea Salt Salt
Tomatoes Tomatoes
Tomato Juice
Tomato Puree
Water Water
Citric Acid
Calcium Chloride

Then I put some Aji BURN on it, and tossed it again. Initially I put a bit too much and the sour-salty Aji BURN just about covered up the other flavours. Toned it down and it worked quite well, though obviously the heat wasn't so quick to build up on the tongue.

Since flavour is close to any of the cheaper with-preservatives pasta sauces you can buy, I think Aji Pasta is really for people who don't want preservatives and want all-natural, amd/or who are looking for certain attributes, such as gluten-free or vegan.

2013-Mar-25 Aji Pasta Sauce

2013-Mar-25 Aji Pasta Sauce

2013-Mar-25 Aji Pasta Sauce

2013-Mar-25 Aji Pasta Sauce

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