Thursday, March 10, 2016

Angie's Malaysian Eatery

Angie's Malaysian Eatery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato I'm a big believer in the idea that every restaurant does something good and something bad. And if you happen to order a dud, you shouldn't necessarily condemn the whole restaurant.Angie's Malaysian Eatery really exemplifies this.

We went tonight and fortunately I had researched online on Yelp and knew to order the K.K. Buttermilk Tiger Prawns. The other stuff my friends ordered were duds. Cheap duds at around $8.95, but still duds.

Roti Canai ($2.50 for 1 piece, $4.50 for 2 pieces)
  • I thought this was a really, really, decent roti canai. Very tender and light on the inside, nicely flaky on the outside, and definitely made fresh to order as it can come out piping hot.
  • The curry, unfortunately, wasn't as flavourful as some other places. It looks like very little curry, but for dipping, it's enough.
  • Their "two pieces" isn't quite as large as other places like Banana Leaf or Kaya Malay Bistro, but they charge $7 and here it's only $4.50.
  • Kinda torn about recommending it since the curry isn't as good, but the roti itself is very nice.
2016-Mar-10 Angie's Malaysian Eatery - Roti Canai (2 pieces)

2016-Mar-10 Angie's Malaysian Eatery - Roti Canai (interior)

K.K. Buttermilk Tiger Prawns ($14.99)
  • The Malaysians among us are pretty sure "K.K." means Kota Kinabalu.
  • OMG this was sooooo good. The sauce is so rich and flavourful and tasty.
  • We asked for spicy. And it was spicy. But not in a way that flattened the other flavours. You can still taste the sweetness and richness of the sauce.
  • You can make a pretty big meal of this by also ordering rice or vermicelli (the latter being $2 for a heaping bowl) and mixing in SOME with the generous amount of sauce. Use only SOME because otherwise it becomes too diluted when spread over too much rice/noodle. You really want to preserve that rich, and excellent flavour.
    • TIP: 1 order + 1 order of rice, shared by two people = two $8.50 dinners!
  • I found the prawns fried enough that I could eat the whole thing, shell included.
2016-Mar-10 Angie's Malaysian Eatery - K.K. Buttermilk Tiger Prawns

2016-Mar-10 Angie's Malaysian Eatery K.K. Buttermilk Tiger Prawns

Other orders at the table included Laksa and Nasi Lemak.
The persons who ordered the Laksa felt the curry was too thin. The Nasi Lemak was terribly boring but only $8.95, so you could look at it as a budget meal for under $10. Also, extra sauce for the Nasi Lemak is $1.50.

They offer water and tea. I chose tea, and it turned out to be free.

If you go ONLY for the Buttermilk Prawns, and maybe the roti canai, this place is a winner.

Debit or cash only. Mandatory 15% gratuity for "large" parties of 6+.
Kitchen last call is 30 minutes before their rather early closing times. The whole neighbourhood has a rather early close, actually.

2016-Mar-10 Angie's Malaysian Eatery

2016-Mar-10 Angie's Malaysian Eatery - menu

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