Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wing night at The Pint

The Pint Public House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato My friend organized a wing night for Canucks versus Colorado at The Pint. Otherwise I'd never have gone to the pub -- just not my scene.
The reservation was downstairs, but since there was no hostess table, it was a bit tricky figuring it out. I ended up going downstairs where it wasn't super-packed pre-show and asking a bartender at a not-very-full bar. Fortunately my question was answered very quickly -- bonus points for staff efficiency!

TIP: Reserve a table downstairs for pre-game dinner. Once most people leave for the game, the area will be much, much quieter because they will likely close that section. You won't get kicked out, but they won't be letting anyone go downstairs either, unless the pub becomes super-busy.

TIP: Auto-gratuity for groups of 10+, but you can also get a 20% food discount for being a large group. Ask your server.

TIP: If you're going to have a beer anyway, ask about the offer of a free pound of wings with order of a pint of beer.

Quite a few gluten-free items (items with a checkmark on the menu).

40-Way Wings ($11 per pound, or 40 cents per wing on Wing Wednesday)
  • There really are a lot of flavours. Spiciness is generally weak even for "hot" items.
  • I went with orange-ginger as that seemed to be the most interesting flavour. Both orange and ginger flavours were sadly weak, but the orange made this easier to eat compared to most savoury-flavoured wings.
  • They don't come exactly piping hot and get cold pretty easily.
  • Size is OK I guess. Generally nicely fried and you can just suck the meat cleanly off the bone..
  • 1 pound has approximately 10-11 wings, which makes then about a buck per wing at regular price.
2016-Mar-16 The Pint - 1 pound orange ginger wings

Pint Fries ($7)
  • OK but not very crispy outside.
  • Seasoning not very uniformly applied -- some were salty, some seemed to have nothing.
  • Quantity also looks weak for $7. For $1 more you could have a meaty poutine elsewhere.
2016-Mar-16 The Pint - Pint Fries

Non-alcoholic beer ($5.65)
  • Horrible bitter drink. If you like coffee with no milk and no sugar, I guess it could grow on you.
  • Tastes like bitter barley or bad popcorn. ???
  • I tried this thinking it might be an interesting or sweet non-alcoholic beer, but I guess it's just a tastes-like-beer drink but has no alcohol. Anyway, yuck. Non drinkers stay away. Beer drinkers be cautious.
During the pre-game full-house, even an order of wings can take a long time and it can be hard to even spot any server to get anything basic like water.
Lots of TVs, but loud music playing instead of what's on TV.
2016-Mar-16 The Pint - Beck's non-alcoholic beer

2016-Mar-16 The Pint

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