Thursday, June 9, 2016

Church's Chicken Salsa Fries

Church's Chicken Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Went to Church's Chicken at their new 24-hour location in Burnaby, at 6591 Kingsway. If you're driving, it's pretty easy to just zoom by because it's recessed from the main street and at a gas station. Watch for the sidewalk banners.

Really the only reason I went was the coupons that came in the mail, which included buy-one-get-one for their Spicy Chicken Burger, and a $2 deal on their new Salsa Fries.

TIP: Senior's Day on Tuesdays! 20% off select order types.

Spicy Thigh  Burger ($5.76)
  • OK for a fast food burger. Looks horrid, of course if you look inside.
  • Looks like they tried to toast the bun.
  • Spicy thigh really does have a spicy kick. Not much, but enough to whet your appetite.
  • Using thigh (dark meat) results in a tenderer, juicier "patty" than if they tried to use white meat.
  • Use a BOGO coupon if you can. One burger is barely a meal and for similar money, you can probably get a better deal buying their fried chicken.
2016-Jun-9 Church's Chicken - spicy thigh burger

2016-Jun-9 Church's Chicken - spicy thigh burger

2016-Jun-9 Church's Chicken - spicy thigh burger

Salsa Fries ($2 with coupon)
  • Total waste of time to get them "salsa" -- The salsa portion just falls off and it's not like you can really scoop it up with a fry.
  • Don't count on the cheese to be melted on like in the ad copy.
2016-Jun-9 Church's Chicken - salsa fries

2016-Jun-9 Church's Chicken - seniors day

2016-Jun-9 Church's Chicken - menu

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