Friday, June 24, 2016

White Spot Portobello Burger

White Spot Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato White Spot's offerings for vegetarians are slim, but what they do have is actually really decent. It's a bit pricier than fast food burgers, but if you compare them, the extra bucks are well worth the extra quality. Plus all those free fries you get are very filling.

I'd stumbled into trying various portobello burgers (at Meet in Gastown and a really nice one at Caliburger so far) so I was glad the veggie burger option at White Spot was also a portobello.

Pot of "Premium" Tea ($3.25)
  • Instead of asking what I wanted they suggested one. Not sure if this is the new trend as I experienced the same at a Starbucks recently.
Sriracha Portobello Veggie Burger ($13.99) Our chargrilled veggie burger with Sriracha goat cheese, sauteed Portobello mushrooms, pickled onions, tomatoes, lettuce & mayo. Comes with Endless Fries and choice of Cesar Salad, The Spot's Salad, or Creamy Coleslaw)
  • I do not remember being asked which side I wanted. Just came with the coleslaw, which tasted ok.
  • I asked for my endless fries to be substituted for the Warm Potato Salad.
  • Interesting sriracha goat cheese, which had just enough heat to give you a bit of buzz in the mouth but not enough to actually even count as mildly spicy.
  • The patty was actually quite decent with some flavour that the rest of the burger did not overshadow -- something that can happen with too much sauce.
  • Looked like just enough slices of portobello to cover the patty so every bite has mushroom, but for a mushroom burger I couldn't register the flavour with each bite. So don't think of this as a portobello burger per se, just a veggie burger.
  • If you're looking specifically for portobello in your burger then this is sort of a dud. Try Caliburger instead, which has a "patty" that is a thick, juicy, portobello.
  • Overall pretty decent for a burger and if you add the sides you automatically get, this is actually a pretty filling lunch for your money.
Warm Potato Salad ($2.49 to substitute endless fries for Warm Potato Salad)
  • Large smashed chunks of potato.
  • Looks like chopped up bits of pickle are in there as well, which gives you the occasional tangy taste that helps to make eating this salad non-monotonous and not heavy feeling -- something which could happen with a more mono-tasting potato dish like endless fries.
2016-Jun-24 White Spot - Portobello Burger

2016-Jun-24 White Spot - Portobello Burger

2016-Jun-24 White Spot - Portobello Burger - veggie patty interior

2016-Jun-24 White Spot - warm potato salad and coleslaw

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