Thursday, August 20, 2009

Long Table at the Irish Heather

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Last night, I attended one of the Irish Heather Gastropub's Long Table Series dinner (212 Carrall Street, half a block up from Gassy Jack) through an event put together by the Vancouver Activity Group.

Although it was all booked up even up to about a week ago, for some reason over a dozen people dropped out at the end, and we ended up with 44 out of 52 spots (helped no doubt by the waiting list that Sean Heather had on hand). All in all a fair showing for an event that's invariably sold out.
(Special thanks to @HummingBird604 for helping out with a last-minute tweet on my behalf to try to fill up the spots. Honestly, I felt so embarrassed by the no-shows from the Vancouver Activity Group that I sent out a tweet at around 5pm.)

If you're not familiar with the Long Table Series, the basic idea a one-course dinner and drink for $12 plus tax and tip (roasts on Sundays for $15). Everyone gets the same thing. It invariably involves meat, but you can ask for a vegetarian option 24 hours ahead of time. Meat-eaters last night got two thick slices of pork on shredded cabbage and mashed potatoes, with an apple jus.

It invariably involves beer, though last night we got an interesting cider made from five different kinds of apple and weighing in at 7% alcohol. You can ask for a Coke instead (and check out the coke-bottle-cutout napkin holders while you're there).

Here are the menus from August 30th to October 29th, 2009.

If you'll be asking for veggie and no booze, honestly there's no point in going unless it's for the company--And that's one of the other draws. At a very long table and community eating, there's supposedly a chance to make new friends and what not. If you're going alone, that'll definitely happen. If you know too many people, you'll have to position yourself near strangers. Because once you're seated, you really have access only to five, or maybe nine, people next to and across from you.

The evening starts at 6pm with optional drinks at the Shebeen "in the back" of the Irish Heather / Salty Tongue narrow squeeze at that section of Gastown. Everyone's herded to the kid-friendly-by-day Salty Tongue Café side of the establishment at 6.30pm so dinner can start at the same time for everyone. From then, it's dinner in front of you by around 7pm, and it goes till late.
Optional dessert of the day was $7 last night, with a choice of a chocolate tasting plate; apricot mousse in what looked like a jam jar; or creme brulee with a funny biscuit at the bottom. Don't expect the same every time, though.

It's not fancy food, and not particularly interesting food, but it's an uncomplicated one-plate of tasty, filling food and something to wash it down with. If you figure your pint of whatever is about $5-7, the $12 combo is cheap eats if you drink.

P.S. Check out the Irish Heather on Facebook and Twitter.
On Facebook? Check out the Irish Heather there.

Monday, August 10, 2009

TreeBanking LLC in the News

Hi Everyone!

Awesome news! As you may know, I recently invested USD 5000 in TreeBanking LLC, a Colorado company whose primary business is reforesting rain-forests. Unlike other conservation efforts, this one is not a charity money sinkhole, but a sustainable business that will also capitalize on carbon trading.

They were recently in Indonesia, and have been mentioned in Newsweek. It's just the beginning of extensive involvement in Indonesia. Very promising news for investors!

If you're curious about them, you can chat with the company principals on Twitter at @TreeBanker or @TreeBanker2 -- they're flying home from Indonesia now.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Little Caesars Pizza Deal

My sister dropped by today en route to see my dad in Royal Columbian, and for a no-fuss lunch we ordered a Supreme! Supreme! from Little Caesars. There's an awesome $10.99 deal going on at their somewhat obscure Burnaby location. We ordered by phone and it was ready in about 10 minutes -- all set for pick-up when we got there!

Anniversary Special!
Any Size Pizza $10.99
Unlimited Toppings
Original Round Crust. Plus Taxes. Extra cheese & chicken topping excluded. Pick-up only. Expires August 31/09.
6681 MacPherson Avenue., Burnaby
Sunday - Thursday 11am - 11pm, Friday - Saturday 11am - 1am

Can't decide on the toppings? Try one from their menu.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dad's out of ICU

Hi everyone!

Just last Tuesday, my dad took seriously ill and ended up in Royal Columbian Hospital's intensive care unit. Today, finally, he was more or less in the clear and was transferred to Critical Care. Which, to me sounds worse, but is actually a de-escalation from Intensive Care.

He has serious diabetes and his illness was in part blood infection and in part some kind of cough or cold or other bug which showed up on tests on his sputum.

Special thanks to the nurses at Royal Columbian for taking great care of him and being patient with our family's visits.