Tuesday, April 24, 2018

KFC Belgian Waffle Double Down

KFC Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Until April-29th you can get KFC's "Double Down" -- two slabs of chicken breast meat sandwiching something. In this Canadian iteration, it's a belgian waffle.
Should you get it?

The baseline version is sauced with maple aioli but I was offered the choice of spicy sauce. Tomato is extra. The drink and side combo is actually optional, so if you like you can just get the Double Down on its own for $8.69.

  • For the price if you're comparing it to other burgers you basically get twice the amount of meat and does work out to a fairly filling meal on its own.
  • Chicken slabs were probably under the heat lamp till assembled and definitely not as flavourful or juicy as a freshly fried piece of KFC. But otherwise the meat is actually tender and moist. It's also unclear whether it's actually feasible to give you two piping hot pieces of fried chicken since you'd be hard pressed to properly pick it up as a burger.
  • The waffle in the middle is tender, a bit chewy, and sweet on top of being dusted with sugar.
  • The amount of maple aioli is fair but obviously hard to distribute properly no thanks to the waffle grid.
  • As burger composition goes, I found the sweetness of the waffle to interfere too much with the savory chicken crust, which wasn't exceptionally strong or salty. Normally a good thing (not too much sodium!) except the waffle quite overpowers the Double Down.
Overall, for the limited time novelty you can try it and the price is okay for a fairly filling portion. But if you're looking for tasty chicken go with plain freshly fried KFC instead.

Staff are probably trained to be mechanically aggressive with upsell to combos and extras so be ready for that. Not pushy about it if you decline though. More like making sure it gets mentioned.

2018-Apr-24 KFC - belgian waffle Double Down

2018-Apr-24 KFC - belgian waffle Double Down

2018-Apr-24 KFC - belgian waffle Double Down

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Me Crepe (Metrotown, Burnaby)

Tucked away from foot traffic at Old Orchard Mall is Me Crepe. It looks like they should be kaput from the location where they are hard to spot, but they appear to do a brisk take-out business if what we saw at lunch on Sunday is any indication. And pretty brisk walk-in as well.

Before I get into the review, to better understand why Me Crepe seems to do well, realize that there are foods that are simple but tasty. Things don't have to be fancy to be tasty! Like a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Or a nice cookie. Or a chewy chcolatey two-bite brownie.
And if you have a craving for it, you can get sold a $6 scoop of ice cream that supposedly has various attributes to justify how it should cost more than a tub of ice cream at the supermarket. You might not even be enough of an ice cream connoisseur to tell the difference but you'll pay for it maybe because everyone else is doing just that.

If you go to Me Crepe and deconstruct the crepe you get, you will likely be disappointed. I know I was horribly disappointed. Until I started eating it and realized that it had a simple, familiar, tastiness. What deconstructing it did for me was make me unhappy that the ingredients didn't match up to the $9.95 I paid for it. But was it tasty? Yup.

Souryuu ($9.95) Japanese style mayo with beef sausage
  • "Beef sausage" was ONE supermarket wiener cut in half for both sides of the crepe. OMG.
  • There are crunchy chunks of deep fried something that add mild bulk and fun crunch. Might just be deep fried flour for all I know. But it makes the crepe fun to eat. Definitely more fun that a wiener wrapped in a thin pancake.
  • Pretty big but flat crepe. Sort of standard though. Works out to be more filling than a burger.
Place looks dingy but there was definitely an attempt at decor.
Service kinda spotty. My friend asked for water but it never came.

2018-Apr-8 Me Crepe - Souryuu

2018-Apr-8 Me Crepe - Souryuu

2018-Apr-8 Me Crepe - Souryuu

2018-Apr-8 Me Crepe - Souryuu

2018-Apr-8 Me Crepe - Souryuu

2018-Apr-8 Me Crepe - Souryuu

2018-Apr-8 Me Crepe - menu

2018-Apr-8 Me Crepe

2018-Apr-8 Me Crepe

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Amay's House

Amay's House Burmese and Asian Cuisine Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Back to Amay's House after a very long time (2015!) and good to see this little place is still around and offering good value even with the expected price increases over time.

Roti Prata ($3) one piece side order
  • Crispy on the outside, very moist and tender on the inside, and oily to achieve this result but that's expected.
  • Overall texture and taste is good, dough is pretty thin, and easy to hand-tear.
  • This came flat from the pan and not hand-crushed into a tender mass, which is an alternate way it is served.
  • As a side order it does NOT come with anything for dipping.
2018-Apr-8 Amay's House - roti prata (single side order)

2018-Apr-8 Amay's House - roti prata (inside)

Prata Served with Curry Chicken ($5.50 for 1 piece, $8.50 for 2 pieces)
  • Prata on the side. I had this to go and they crushed the prata, possibly to prevent the crust from cooling and hardening into a chewy slab. This way it was still fairly easy to hand-tear for dipping into the curry.
  • It's chicken curry, not curried chicken pieces. So you do get chunks of chicken meat as well as some curry sauce.
  • Not hot-spicy. Rather sweet curry sauce that was quite thick and had a good portion of oil.
Keema Prata ($6) prata stuffed with a choice of ground chicken or lamb; onions, traditional spices
  • Looks like one prata spread with the meat portion of their curry, and cut into two pieces.
  • I asked for chicken and was at first thrown off by their use of ground chicken.
  • Curry is not hot-spicy and actually looks a bit skimpy. If you're going for chicken I would recommend instead the "Prata Served with Curry Chicken"
  • Token salad with sour vinaigrette, like a refreshing coleslaw.
2018-Apr-8 Amay's House - Keema Prata (chicken)

2018-Apr-8 Amay's House - Keema Prata (chicken)

Myanmar Tea Leaf Salad ($8) Fermented tea leaves, tomato, cabbage, assorted beans and nuts
  • Interesting a quite refreshing-tasting cold salad. Mild sourness from the tea leaves, fun crunch from the nuts. Overall a very tasty salad.
2018-Apr-8 Amay's House - Myanmar Tea Leaf Salad

Fish Noodle Soup ($8.50)
  • Rice noodles, catfish broth, lemongrass, fresh cilantro, fried garlic, fried split chana dal (yellow lentils)
  • Interesting fried globs of lentils but you have to pay attention to them or you might just miss it eating it with everything else.
  • NO fish meat! Just the broth is used.
  • A very generous portion of noodle, so this can be a fairly filling meal for under $10.
  • NOT very "fishy" tasting at all. But also not a lot of taste character either, as a result. Pretty tame. Maybe pass on this and get something more interesting.
2018-Apr-8 Amay's House - Fish Noodle Soup

2018-Apr-8 Amay's House - Fish Noodle Soup

A small pot of chili flake/paste is available as condiment. Be VERY careful. This stuff is powerful.

Fairly busy on a Saturday evening but still no problem walking in for a table.

2018-Apr-8 Amay's House - chili condiment

2018-Apr-8 Amay's House - menu page 1

2018-Apr-8 Amay's House - menu page 2