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Does Current / Mode pay out?

DON'T BOTHER WITH THIS APP ANYMORE  unless you like doing surveys. That's the only thing that works mostly-reliably. Everything else is prone to freezing and crashing -- even just playing music. UPDATE  (2022-July-5): The video ads that play will cause the app to freeze up and crash. UPDATE  (2022-July-1): They steadily introduced advertisements into every square inch they could find but this has apparently caused constant crashing of the app everywhere. You can't even leave it to play music without it crashing every few minutes. And now, trying to read news articles will cause an advertisement to play. If you try to skip it early to get back to finally reading the news, it will play another advertisement. And when you do finally get to see the news article, there's a good chance the app will just outright crash. Also, playing games for points did not get me any points at all. Seems like the tracking is completely broken. DON'T BOTHER WITH THIS APP ANYMORE   UPDATE

Does Mistplay pay real money?

Does it pay? Short answer: NO. Long answer: Sort of Yes. We tried Mistplay and after several hours of playing various idle and semi-idle games, we earned enough to request a payout. This took over six hours, and we played three games during that time. There were accounts of Prepaid VISAs not working once received, so we opted for a $5 Walmart Canada card (slide 1). They sent an "order confirmation" which looked like a blank email (slide 2). We saved the email as a file, and opened the file in a text editor, and it did appear to contain formatted text (see appendix below) that may have resulted it it not being viewable. The key information is to watch your junk mail folder, and contact them at if there is no email within 48 hours. Once they started processing the redemption order, a second email arrived saying the order was being processed. Same problem as the first -- looked blank. Content basically the same as the first --

How much does JustPlay pay?

We tried the JustPlay app for three hours -- that's the interval between payouts. During this time we only watched ads, and earned 160,000 points. The payout for this is 32 cents. Even if you devoted all your attention to the app, ads pay out typically 5,000 points each, require about one minute, and there is a two-minute wait in between ads. There are various offers you can complete (and you should expect to spend money completing those offers) for a fat amount of points -- just keep in mind that 100,000 points is 20 cents so don't be hopeful because of the jackpot numbers. In our opinion, JustPlay is very attention-intensive for the payout, compared to doing surveys and tasks on your own schedule at MyPoints, which has been around for many years and has paid out. Read our review of MyPoints or sign up with our referral code .

Is DailyRewards a scam?

You may have seen DailyRewards advertised on Craiglist in the jobs sections. They offer payment for online tasks, including deposits into Paypal. A very lucrative offer is from VIP Casino -- $120 if you spend $25 : *Cash Back will appear as Pending for 32 days. Must deposit and play within 1 week from account registration to earn Cash Back. Must deposit and wager $25 CAD to earn your Cash Back. Must be a new VIP Casino member. Offer may only be redeemed (1) one time per user. This offer is presented to you by DailyRewards on behalf of a third-party merchant or sponsor ("Merchant"). DailyRewards does not endorse (and therefore is not responsible to you for) the Merchant's views, policies, products or services. Have questions? Please contact the DailyRewards Help Center. If you are not credited within 45 days of offer completion, you have 14 days to contact the DailyRewards Help Center for further investigation. Help Center tickets submitted after the 14 day grace period ar

MyPoints - An online work-for-pay site that actually pays

As you can see from the first slide,  MyPoints  is still paying out. I've been with them many years, and could have made more if I really focussed, but sometimes I get busy so I just do a little bit each day, like answering a simple poll or quickly going to a website. They don't monopolize your time or demand attention every hour. But if you're looking for "points website" or "easy work online" or to "get paid doing surveys", then first you have to set your expectations correctly. It's definitely not a "get rich quick" scheme. If you spend money at a reputable online merchant (e.g., Best Buy, Walmart), chances are it's on their list of affiliates and they can get you a rebate. That is the surest way to "earn money" -- by basically saving money. There is no magic money that appears out of thin air -- not for you and not for the points site so they can pay you. They cannot retroactively get you a rebate. You must go t