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Meet Amber / NewlyFreeAgain, who's 51!

Curiously enough, Craigslist scammer "Amber" forgot that she never sent me a link. Probably got confused while doing mass cut-and-past. The link she does send in her second e-mail, to, redirects to AmateurMatch, where her profile says she is Age 51! Possibly to fly under radar there so that she won't come up on a search by legitimate users. E-mail #1 from you need to be d/d free with the exception of 420 E-mail #2 from Amber ( Hey I still have not heard from you on that other site..... I am still interested in hooking up, but I still want to be secure about it. Can you please get in touch with me on this site I am on the web right now so if you like what you see, we are able to definitely take this a step further tonight or tomorrow.

Craiglist Scam - Am in Search Of serious relationship - 26

E-mail #1 from Tammy Me Tammy ( - and yes, she did put it all in one massive paragraph with lousy punctuation and no capitalization. Hello Simon, Thanks for getting back to me. . . . anyway here is a Little about me, i am a missionary i work for my church,well what i basically do is to minister to the poor the less privilege and also those living with HIV and Aids preaching to them about the love and mercies of the lord God , i also visit motherless baby homes preaching to them about the love of God and his blessings and promises for us i also try to encourage them telling them not to give up on life .That is about what i do. I know now you will be wondering how come about this whole thing,well i started this at the age of 20 but it all happened when there was no one for me well i lost mom at the age of 3 dad left us when i was 10years old so after i lost mom there was no one out there for me, moms friend came along to my rescue, she took me with her to

Craislist Scammer - i'm searching for 9 inches...

Not too long ago I wrote about sexciihorny , who had some pretty decent pics. She recycled her follow-up naked pic for this latest reply to my personals ad on Craiglist. I can't post that, of course, but check out her opening line! Email #1 from i'm searching for 9 inches or far better.. reply with pic and contact number,, place mr huge My reply (no pic sent) Sorry, not hung like a horse here (not even a pony, for that matter). Good luck with your search! If you're willing to settle for 7, you can try (-_^) Email #2 from "Amber" ( Hey how are you Im fascinated in some factor that is lengthy time period, NSA. I wish to keep this a secret - my ex-boyfriend is kinda a psycho ever since we broke up. haha .... four yr relationship. Anyways.. I do have a daughter who is 22 months old, but she will usually be sleeping by the time you ar

The Food at TaiwanFest - Skip the Oysters

TaiwanFest is on this long weekend and I went ton Sunday to check out the food . What a disappointment! To be fair, the Art Gallery isn't that huge a space, but still, there were very few food stalls comprising the Taiwanese Food Fair. You also had to buy vouchers/tickets in packs of $5, so you end up jig-sawing together food that added up to $5. Except most of it was $3 or $4. On the up side, they had volunteers hovering over the recycling and garbage stations to maximize proper recycling. I totally give them points for that. On to the food! -- It seemed overpriced, but that's more or less the norm for festival food. Highlights were the $3 sausages (tasty and interestingly spiced... but $3 for a single sausage!) and, curiously, the $3 deep fried green beans. The beans themselves weren't interesting, but it comes flavoured with spice that overcomes the awfulness of eating your greens. The website touts the $5 oyster omelettes , but I'd give them a miss. If you

Lady Daisey at Capones - Part 2

Okay, enough ranting about Capones . On to the performance! And I'm glad I stayed for both sets. After a couple of laid back sets from "Terminal Station", Lady Daisey put on an energetic performance for everyone who dropped in at Capones. This was helped by the fact that they didn't have to take over the entire stage with their musical instruments -- DJ Batsauce was at one side bringing us original beats played off a laptop. There was quite a wide variety of short tunes to fill the breaks between Lady Daisey's performances. This ever-changing mix kept you on your toes, but the transitions were sometimes jarring. Overall Lady Daisey gave an engaging performance despite the room being a "typical" Vancouver restaurant jazz venue, where people are generally more interested in yapping with their friends and talking over the music. You could just pipe music to this sort of audience and they wouldn't know the difference. They're there for drinks wh

Lady Daisey at Capones - Part 1 - Two strikes for Capones

Capones - Strike 1, Strike 2 I got an e-mail newsletter from Capones earlier this week, highlighting Lady Daisey kicking off her Canadian Tour at Capones (not exactly, as they'd be on Vancouver Island the day before, on September 1st). I took a boo at the Lady Daisey (and Batsauce) website , and their catchy single "Soul Strut" made me want to go. I was pretty excited about it and thought to make a night of it, inviting friends and all. Turned out none of my friends could come out. Which, curiously enough, was actually good news. The universe has an odd way of protecting me sometimes, and this was one of those times. The newsletter and website for Capones said it'd start 7:30pm . I got there shortly before 7:30pm and onstage was another act, "Terminal Station". No sign of Lady Daisey and Batsauce. I'm sure things happen and maybe the boat from Vancouver Island was delayed. Whatever. The point is, nothing got going until 9 pm. Now, if you've

Meet Candice, who looks 10 years younger in her second hot pic

A bit of a weird scammer, this one. Unlike the early hotties Taylor and Melissa who responded to our initial ads (and who have, later, responded again to our same ad, re-posted), Candice sends a "real person" picture to start -- not professionally taken, poor quality, and looking like a cougar way over the 36 she claims to be, not dressed to impress, and trying a bit too hard to look alluring. To compel you to hot-headed action, her second e-mail (with a shortened affiliate link to has indications that she is online right now, encouraging immediacy of action. Plus, the picture she sends is way hotter -- Full-on nudity (with black marker over her eyes) and looking 10 years young. Different hair, harder body, bigger and perfectly round breasts (boob job?). Obviously we can't post that here, but we can show you the initial picture she sent. Candice E-mail #1: (from but replies go to Hey, how are