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Tostitos cheesy pasta sauce

I don't normally buy dipping sauces for my chips, but this was on sale recently, so I picked it up, only to realize I didn't have tortilla chips at home. Instead we experimented a bit and found it great as a spread. It has bold flavour in even just a little bit of sauce. The next step was to try it with pasta and similar noodles, and it turned out wonderfully. The dip is already quite tasty, and we found that just a tablespoon was very generous for a bowl of pasta. But what really made this a winning pasta sauce was the sticky consistency. It might seem somewhat on the watery side, but the stickiness means that it easily coats the pasta and doesn't just drip off and end up at the bottom of your dish. Mixed well, every bite of pasta will have this delicious sauce. For a very simple meal, we boiled some pasta, mixed this sauce in, and accompanied it with some sausage chunks. We also like a bit more spicy heat, so we first put a tablespoon of this sauce on our plate and sti

Takis Kaboom Ketchup Sriracha

This week, Takis tortilla chips are on sale at Walmart , at almost half off the regular price! It's my first time trying this brand, and I'm pleasantly surprised. Very generous flavour coating! You can expect strong, vibrant flavour. The rolled tortilla chips survived largely intact, compared to what happens with most clips. The "hot" rating is I think more like "medium" heat. Kaboom is one of the flavours, and supposedly "ketchup-sriracha". However I found it very unlike typical sour ketchup flavoured chips. In fact it is barely sour at all, the sriracha flavour is clear with sweet undertones, and the tortilla flavour also shows up once you start chewing it. Overall, definitely worth trying, especially right now from Walmart at a discount.

Royal Mixed Mochi

If you're sitting on the fence whether to buy Royal Mixed Mochi -- recently on sale at my local Walmart for 12.88 CAD, just in time for Chinese New Year -- these pictures might help you decide. First of all, the obvious -- the amount of filling displayed on the box is very different from how much was in the actual product. Other than that, the various flavours were fairly tasty. The flavours were on the subtle side, not a taste explosion. Probably better paired with a subtle drink, like a green tea.

Bestore Kelp, Spicy Flavour

My mom is quite elderly now and says she can't handle many types of foods. She likes soft things like rice porridge (congee) every day, so I got her a little something to jazz things up. As she adds some chili to everything for spicy heat and occasionally likes dried seaweed, this spicy Bestore Kelp product seemed to be a promising combo.   First of all, as you can see from our slides, the product doesn't look like the picture on the packaging. It's also quite over-packaged with sub-packages inside, but I suppose that helps with keeping the product from being overexposed to dehydration or needing to be refrigerated if you don't finish it all. The taste is rather mild and the spiciness barely there. The texture is slightly crunchy like al dente pasta but more firm. And this despite being rather thin -- certainly not as thick-looking as the magnified picture on the package. For me strangely the word that initially came to mind was "meaty". Overall it's ok

Lay's MAX Artificial Truffle Mushroom flavour potato chips

My mom loves crunchy chips of all types but is generally too conservative to try anything new, so I got her some fancy Lay's "Truffle Mushroom" Chips . Turns out she really loves them -- says they taste too good to swallow, she just wants to keep savouring the flavour! It's got that perfumey truffle flavour to be sure, and it's also strong and clear. But flip over the package to look at the ingredients and it reads ARTIFICIAL truffle. Be more mindful as you eat it and you may detect a slight sweetness, a buttery note, and a slightly bitter aftertaste. If you're still fine with faked truffle flavour, you may nevertheless want to wait for them to go on sale as it's a rather small amount of chips for your dollar. That said, the flavour is so strong that more than two or three chips at a time and you may start to be turned off, akin to having that greasy feeling from having too much rich cream in one sitting.

Hi Tempura Seaweed (spicy flavour)

My mom loves cruncy chips of all types but is generally too conservative to try anything new, so I got her some Hi Tempura Seaweed (spicy flavour) chips to try, especially as she likes spicy hot stuff as well as dried seaweed. I got it at T&T where they have it listed as Tao Kae Noi Tempura Seaweed , and it comes in spicy and not-spicy versions. The spicy heat is low and it creeps up very slowly, so your initial bites may not register it at first. The overall flavour is curiously like crispy fried fish skin, despite this being a vegetarian product. This brings to mind a sushi class using potato and seaweed to fake unagi (eel) . As you can see from the back of the package, they also recommend it to go with noodles, just as dried sheets of seaweed are sometimes an accompaniment to bowls of ramen. It's versatility is great especially as it's quite pricey for the miserable 40 grams in each package.