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Hunnybee Bruncheonette

Hunnybee is a pretty busy little brunch place with rather limited seating. There's seating outside, but the tables are on the low side and given the neighbourhood I wouldn't really recommend the counter. Price for portion is good! And that's hard to find these days. It's diner style so you order at the counter and pay first, and the credit card machine prompts you to tip first, which is sort of weird as you end up with really not much service except they bring the stuff to your table. So if that irks you, look around the interface for how to skip it, especially as the first tip option is 15%. Shakshuka ($12) red pepper & tomato stew, two poached eggs, lentils, labneh, toast Tasty, and given the portion and price, it's a win. Spicing might be slightly on the tame side, however. Lacking in some of the more traditional aspects, chief of which is not being in a skillet. This means it can get cold really fast, so dig in right away. Based on the presentat

J&G Fried Chicken (Robson)

DISCLAIMER: I got a Yelper discount e-coupon for J&G Fried Chicken as an incentive to try the place. I dragged along a couple of friends who live downtown and who happily turned out to have already been curious about it so that between the three of us we could try many things. The place is tiny. Basically it's a take-out joint, except you probably don't want to take home freshly deep fried food because it'll be horrid by the time you get it home, especially with the current low temperatures. Seating is minimal, but since people generally walk out with their purchases, you could just eat it right there. Price-wise there are a couple of meal options but mostly it's snack-sized. So if you try to put together a dinner with the various snacks, it's gonna end badly dollar-wise, just as if you were to try to put together a dinner with just appetizer portions of, well, appetizers. KFC coupons will probably get you more bang for your buck and comparable tastine