Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Joe Fortes Happy Hour Prawn Tacos

Click to add a blog post for Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House on Zomato Back to Joe Fortes for Happy Hour! Last time I was there specifically for their 4pm-6pm happy hour was way back in 2013 and the food is still just as good. Buck-a-shuck oysters are off the happy hour menu due to current oyster conditions, but its place they added Prawn Tacos, Three Cheese Bacon Mac & Cheese, West Coast Clam Chowder.

There were some service hiccups this time, but based on their record with me and my parties so far, I'm going to assume it's a one-off. But here are some tips:

TIP: When they ask you about water, "flat water" is probably bottled water and in any case costs $2 per person.

TIP: If you go at happy hour and are seated at the bar, you *may* get the bar menu, which is incorrect and does not list the new happy hour menu items. Immediately ask for the Happy Hour Menu. No, it is not the same as the Bar Menu, even though they look the same. Even if you work off the wrong menu, you will still get happy hour prices, though.

TIP: For happy hour, they don't hold nearby seats. If your party is 8 or less you may end up at the bar, which means parties of 3+ may find it harder to have a proper party-wide conversation. Ask for a table and see if they will accommodate. If the bar is already full they will end up seating you at tables anyway.

Fortes Punch ($4.50) non-alcoholic mix of fruit juice
  • Fruit juices apparently really freshly squeezed on site from real fruit.
  • Mostly ice in your glass but at $4.50 can you really complain?
  • Nothing special here in flavour.
Prawn Tacos ($11.95 during Happy Hour)
  • This works out to about $6 per taco, which is twice the going rate for tacos, such as at Sal y Limon.
  • Nice big taco still not big enough to properly pinch when folded, since you get two really fat prawns in the taco. We're talking proud-to-be-called prawns, rather than "shrimps".
  • Some bite from spicy heat, but no real lingering burn on the tongue.
  • Spicy and very tasty! Get this!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Rob Feenie duck sandwich at Cactus Club

Click to add a blog post for Cactus Club Cafe on Zomato Last time I was at the Coal Harbour Cactus Club was in December, and I remember not being impressed, but I also didn't have any Rob Feenie specials either. I vowed to only order "RF" marked menu items, so when I got dragged over there for brunch today, that's how I read the menu.

Location is great except you probably don't want to linger outside too long during the day because the exhaust from the float planes does drift up.
Patio seating is very good on a sunny day. If you are early enough for brunch, you can ask to retreat further in under more shade if the sun gets too much.
Don't be put off by no-reservations-for-brunch as the location is big enough for there to be ample seating. Larger groups should definitely try a reservation, and I did see a couple of parties of 8-10 with outdoor sunny seating.

BBQ Duck Clubhouse ($17.75) peking duck, roasted chicken, prosciutto di modena, pecan fruit bread. Created by chef Rob Feenie.
  • Not the worst sandwich ever, but definitely the worst for the price they were asking.
  • "Pecan fruit bread" sounded interesting, except it tasted like double-baked bread and was hard as biscuits. Which made eating this sandwich an annoying chore, not only because you've got dry and hard biscuit but the crunch helped the sandwich fall apart. From the get-go you will have some chunks of "bread" falling off (not just crumbs).
  • "Peking duck" is duck meat. Not the best part of Peking Duck, which is the skin. Not even any tasty duck fat.
  • Nothing particularly tasty here and no standout flavours either despite the interesting-sounding description. Definitely nothing to justify asking $17.75. Go to Sliders instead, unless you need to impress friends with the view of smoggy float planes bobbing up and down in the harbour.
  • Comes with a small side. Default is fries, which were very decently done.
Service was good, water top-ups and clearing of dishes also very prompt, and they get points for that.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Spring water dough at Non Stop Pizza

Click to add a blog post for Non Stop Pizza on Zomato If you haven't had "Indian Style" pizza, definitely give it a go. And Non-Stop Pizza is a pretty decent place to try it. It's interesting not just because it uses Indian menu ingredients like chicken tikka or tandoori chicken and the like, but also because it doesn't have melty cheese blanketing everything--which means re-heating it isn't going to be quite so bad.

The Fraser Street location of Non-Stop Pizza is a dive that thankfully you won't have to eat in -- because there's no seating! It's just a take-out counter, really.

I tried it on Thursday, and there was the one extremely bored (?) person bordering on possibly being surly. He blandly and negatively answered my questions. Egg Pizza? Nope. We have no eggs. (WTH?) Tandoori Fish Pizza? Nope. Butter Chicken Pizza? Nope. That is the same as Chicken Tikka Pizza. (Really? Then why is Chicken Tikka Pizza a separate menu item?)

Anyway, we got a single large, half-and-half pizza (half one type, half another, no extra charge). It came in a box that said they use Spring Water for their pizza dough -- not tap water, apparently. Couldn't taste the difference under the toppings, though.

Hot & Spicy Special Pizza (Hot Pepperoni, Hot Salami, Mushrooms, Onions, Green Peppers & Jalapeno)
  • Not hot and spicy. But maybe they toned it down for us hapless Asians who might not have been able to handle it?
Chicken Tikka Pizza (Mushrooms, Onions, Tomatoes, Chicken Tikka & Green Peppers)
  • Yup, cubes of chicken taste like chicken tikka.
Tasty enough and budget-priced pizza. Would be better if the order-taker wasn't so wooden, but this is a takeout place. He's not waiting your table, so no points off for that. I *am* docking them points for not having certain types of pizza (and running out of eggs!) at around 6pm in the evening -- like, are you serious?