Thursday, April 18, 2019

Tenen Eastern European Cuisine

Tenen Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato It's been a long time since I went to Tenen and surprisingly the pricing hasn't changed much. They have shown up frequently on Groupon, however, and with their clever pricing, the $20-towards-lunch adds up to either a cheap yet huge-portioned lunch for one person, or approximately a half-priced lunch for two persons.
They do have nearly-$20 main dishes so going solo with the groupon is fine (and it's one groupon per table) but most items are $16.95.

Overall the food is comfort homestyle food. Actually on the mediocre side except the portion per plate is probably good enough for up to two persons depending on what you get and your appetite. Tenen does feed you well and isn't skimpy on portions. Even though they have the usual fillers of bread and potatoes, they aren't stingy with the meat.

Gourmet Burger ($16.95) 10 oz. patty with bacon and cheese mixed in

  • Looks like the bread used is a pita sliced in half and pan fried in drippings from the burger.
  • The seared-on-the-outside patty itself is really heavy and filling, but it's also really kind of rubbery-firm from maybe having ground the meat too finely. It has the feel of an overdone burger patty.
  • The burger has some cheese, bacon, and chili mixed in for a slight bit of bite to the flavour.
  • The plate has fries, coleslaw, and a scoop of rich chili-flavoured spreading cheese which you can certainly slather inside the burger.
  • The patty is big enough for this burger to count as two regular burgers that might each cost you $10-$12 elsewhere. It's a very plain burger (bread and patty) but the plate is not skimpy on portions even if you discount the complimentary thick pita that comes to the table.
Cabbage Rolls (16.95) seasoned ground beef and pork with rice, stuffed in sauerkraut leaves, served with mashed potato
  • Looks like a small portion at just two rolls, but the amount of rice in the filling is token, so you're getting basically two burgers worth of meat here. If you're still not feeling full enough you can work in the pita bread that comes to the table.
  • Overall tasted fine, nothing superlative here. The slight sourness of the sauerkraut really helps with how filling this plate is.
OK food with bonus points for generous portions -- something that is steadily harder to find nowadays, especially with newer restaurants.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Chef Rong Noodle House - Chili Oil Rice Noodle

Chef Rong Noodle House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Caught up with a friend on Sunday and we snooped around the Crystal Mall food court for some cheap eats. Always in search of strange foods, I ended up trying "Chili Oil Rice Noodle" from Chef Rong Noodle House. And it's basically what's written -- rice noodles swimming in chili oil.

It's rated three-chili spicy-hot on the menu board, but it really didn't have good heat or buzz. Also could really have used a spoon for the peanuts.

Overall, it was somewhat boring but for just $6, you got a big, filling, bowl of soup and that's cheaper than a lot of other offerings at the food court.

They also have those pancake burgers filled with crunch, similar to what you can get overpriced at Me Crepe but simpler. I didn't spot that on the menu but might try it next time just to compare.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Breakfast Table

Breakfast Table Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato I was initially going for a Dine Out Vancouver 2019 brunch on Sunday, but my friend and I instead detoured to Breakfast Table. A smallish but apparently popular place, it still had a line-up at almost 2 PM, but it was quite short and the wait time was maybe around 15 minutes. You can leave your name and number with them and get notified by a text message when your table is ready -- Handy!

Apple Cinnamon Roti - $6 feature of the day
  • Roti wrapping cinnamon-dusted apples.
  • While the roti is nicely done as roti go, it is not special or flavoured so this is actually a very boring dish and not especially tasty. What you see is what you get and adding maple syrup still won't elevate it into anything special.
  • Nothing really wrong or bad here except that there are more interesting things to order at the Breakfast Table. Recommend you pass.
NEXT JEN gluten free vanilla bean waffle - $9.75; organic ground millet, brown rice, coconut milk, house made coconut yogurt whip, maple syrup
  • As far as gluten-free waffle taste and texture go, this is a winner. It is so close to "normal" dough that you probably wouldn't know you were going gluten-free.
  • That coconut yogurt whip has an interesting yogurt tang to it that makes it more interesting than your usual sweet glob atop a waffle. If you want sweetness you can then control it with the maple syrup freely available at the table -- but if you use too much you'll mask any coconut subtlety in this dish. Maple syrup a bit on the watery side but still very sweet so taste it first before drowning your plate.
  • Overall a bit plain and uninteresting especially for $9.75 unless you can't get a reasonable gluten free waffle elsewhere. Pass and get something more interesting.
Chicken Karaage Hash - $15.25; two eggs, sesame seed, nori, Sweet Ass Chili Sauce
  • Usually when I see "hash" I think diced potato golden-browned into hash but here we get largish chunks of mixed roots in what adds up to a rather filling bowl that's fair value at $15.25.
  • Chicken is really good. Enough crisp to it plus the use of seaweed adds an interestingness to it.
  • If you are a lighter eater, you might want to partner up with a friend and together share this with an appetizer so you won't over-order. Taking a doggy bag home with you is allowed.