Friday, September 14, 2018

The Tipper

The Tipper Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Dropped in here for a function that happened in the back room with a stage for performances!

Veggie Burger ($13.50 + $0.50 for soup of the day) Grilled tempeh patty, feta cheese, toasted kaiser bun, crisp spring mix, lush tomato & sweet onion. Vegan patty is available on request
  • Average sized burger with no fancy construction.
  • Bun seemed a bit over toasted but that's probably personal preference.
  • Patty was some dark mash with visible whole black (?) beans.
  • Strangely amazingly bland, which was terribly disappointing. I had to use the shakers of pink salt on it. Pass on this and try something else.
  • Soup of the day was potato broccoli and amazingly thick, which means it helps make this a filling meal. So thick you could scoop it up with the crackers provided.
Waitstaff friendly, laid-back, and not pushy about ordering at all.

2018-Aug-13 - The Tipper - Veggie Burger

2018-Aug-13 - The Tipper - Veggie Burger

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Fat Mao Noodles

Fat Mao Noodles Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Was wandering around Chinatown with a friend. Totally impromptu drop-in. Tight busy place even past 7pm on a Friday, so like us you might be asked to share the seven-seat communal table with another small party.

This is a NOODLE place. It's not a Chinese place. It's not a Singaporean place. It's not even a ramen place. You get noodles in tasty soup. Don't go here for ethnic or authentic or whatever. Go for noodles in tasty soup, and filling portions for a decent price.

Roti ($5.99)
  • Decent curry sauce but could really use some spiciness/heat to it. OK roti prata.
  • $6 for this measly amount? Pass. Get your roti from Amay's House instead where you'll get a big piece about four times as much roti than what's on this plate. The curry there is also better -- tastier and richer.
2018-Aug-31 Fat Mao Noodles - Roti

Koh Soi Chicken Curry Noodle ($14.99) braised chicken thigh, turmeric curry, served with wonton noodles and crispy noodles
  • It says "curry" but there's nothing spicy/hot here. In fact, the soup is really quite sweet. And yeah, it's rich.
  • Soup is very delicious! I'd order it at a few bucks less and minus the fancy dressing-up. You'll wanna drink it all except you might be too full to do it, especially if you had ordered extra noodles or a drink.
  • You don't get a choice of noodle here. In some noodle orders you get to choose what you want or from a couple of options.
  • Crispy noodle is more fun than actually tasty.
  • Lime slice didn't seem to do anything for me. Might want to save it as a refreshing end to your meal, especially if you're finding the curry overly rich.
  • Totally unnecessary chunk of fall-off-the-bone tender chicken. On it's own its so un-special as to be on the bland side. Eat it with the curry and you taste the curry because it's that flavourful, rich, and delicious.
2018-Aug-31 Fat Mao Noodles - Koh Soi

2018-Aug-31 Fat Mao Noodles - Koh Soi

Tom Khaa ($13.99) Coconut and Mushroom Noodles. Creamy dom ka soup infused with galangal, chillies, and a mix of mushrooms.
  • My friend's order. She couldn't finish it. There's a lot of soup in each bowl!
2018-Aug-31 Fat Mao Noodles - Tom Khaa

2018-Aug-31 Fat Mao Noodles - Tom Khaa

Friendly, unpretentious, un-pushy service.

2018-Aug-31 Fat Mao Noodles - food menu

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Old Spaghetti Factory

The Old Spaghetti Factory Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato It's been a long time since I've been to The Old Spaghetti Factory -- long enough that I really didn't remember anything about that. Wouldn't have gone except there was a group meet there, so keep in mind this review is based on large-party auto-gratuity service.

Their mains come "It's All Included", meaning theoretically you get:
  • Italian Sourdough Bread with Whipped Garlic and Plain Butter. This is not garlic bread. This is bread you cut yourself, and soft butter supposedly with garlic mixed in.
    • We were in a group so they brought a few plates of this and sprinkled it about the long table. I specifically asked for it later in the evening when the bread had run out and never saw it. Maybe it was brought to the table elsewhere but it's a long table and as I specifically asked for it, I really did expect that it would land closer to me if not brought right to me.
  • Soup OR salad
    • Small bowl of Minestrone Soup, or upgrade to Clam Chowder or French Onion Soup for $2.50. Quantity is maybe a cup and a half at best.
    • Crisp Green Salad, or upgrade to Small Caesar or Spinach Salad for $2.00
  • Spumoni Ice Cream
    • Choices were vanilla or "spumoni".
    • "Spumoni" was an ice cream mix. On the night I was there, it was pistachio and chocolate. If you wiki'ed it -- no there's no candied anything. Quantity is just around 1 scoop.
  • Hot Tea or Coffee
    • Nope. I didn't get that nor was I offered it.
Clam Chowder soup upgrade (+$2.50 with order of main)
  • Hard to find any clams amid the carrots and potatoes. When I did find something chewy I actually wasn't sure if it weren't bacon.
  • Soup had good bacon flavour though and thankfully wasn't thin.
2018-Jul-24 The Old Spaghetti Factory - +$2.50 clam chowder soup upgrade

Spaghetti with Browned Butter and Mizithra Cheese ($13.95)
  • One of my pet peeves is when a restaurant writes up something as being way more special and interesting than it really is. Here, it's "signature Mizithra" that is "deliciously salty".
  • Nothing special here. You could do better with plain ricotta cheese over lightly buttered spaghetti.
  • Absolutely do not order this.
  • Gets cold fast, probably because there's no sauce to help keep it hot.
  • You could try to rescue it with the garlic butter from your bread -- if you got any.
2018-Jul-24 The Old Spaghetti Factory - Spaghetti with Browned Butter and Mizithra Cheese

2018-Jul-24 The Old Spaghetti Factory - Spaghetti with Browned Butter and Mizithra Cheese

"Spumoni" ice cream from "It's All Included"

2018-Jul-24 The Old Spaghetti Factory - ice cream

Service was bizarre. They didn't try to take everyone's order, which was okay because people dropped in to the table during the first half hour of the reservation time. However, people who came later to the group table were asked about drinks and main first.
When I asked for my bill the auto-gratuity was mentioned and I was asked if it were okay. Huh? Do I get a chance to refuse it and add my own gratuity amount?
I don't really mind auto-gratuity -- as long as everyone at the table actually got reasonably personalized service since the auto-gratuity amount is on par with personal table service gratuity. But when you get less than what you paid for and less service -- it feels like a restaurant scam.