Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ice Cream plus Flour equals Cake

My friend and fellow Urbanspooner ichigo recently shared a recipe for Ice Cream Bread with me. Unfortunately, the Google translation of the page turned out to be more or less utter rubbish, but I was still keen on trying it out. It looked like the recipe basically said "just add flour". Easy, right?

Here is a slice of my first attempt. I used chocolate ice cream on the bottom and maple walnut ice cream on the top. Tons of missteps along the way (I can't bake to save my life), but surprisingly this turned out OK. More like cake than bread, but definitely edible without having to drown it in anything to make it palatable. The main downside is that there wasn't as strong an ice cream flavour as hoped -- not very chocolatey on the bottom and barely any flavour of maple on the top.

Ice Cream Bread 1

Here's how Google translated the recipe, roughly:

200 g Wild berry sorbet (unsalted)
200 g Vanilla Gelato Ice Cream (unsalted)
18 g Sugar
200 g self raising flour
40 g high-gluten flour
70 g dried cranberries (cut into pieces)
1. Wild berry sorbet add half parts sugar and mix well, sift flour and half were half copies spontaneous high-gluten flour and mix into the batter, plus half were dried cranberries and mix well.
2. Repeat the above steps do another Gelato ice cream batter.
3. Cake mold sprayed oil Pour batter Gelato ice cream, then pour the sorbet batter 
in the surface layer of a butter straight line along the central jack.
4. Bake in preheated to 200 degrees in the oven. First bake for about 10 minutes until the surface layer of paint and then transferred to 180-degree oven until cooked bread, takes about 40 minutes.
I didn't want to make a sorbet/vanilla bread, so I did some substitutions to come up with the scary slice pictured above. Also, I didn't find "self raising flour" and "high-gluten flour" in Superstore, so I had to make a few substitutions there too. (Yeah, I could have waited a few days to scrounge up the ingredients, but I was impatient to try it).

200 grams chocolate ice cream
200 grams maple walnut ice cream
1 tablespoon sugar
200 grams all-purpose flour
3 teaspoons baking powder
40 grams bread flour
  1. After mixing together the sugar and flours, I separated them into two halves.
  2. I mixed the chocolate ice cream in one portion, and the maple walnut in another portion.
  3. I scraped the chocolate mix into the bread tin, then smeared the maple walnut mix on top.
  4. I let the mix sit for a half hour.
  5. Baked it in the oven at 300°F until it wasn't wet on the inside.
  • The resulting batter didn't look anything like bread dough.
  • The maple walnut mix came out more smoothly than the chocolate mix. Probably because it was a different brand and type of ice cream. Strangely, it only formed a thin layer on top.
  • Magically it turned out okay -- if you were expecting cake.
  • The texture on the inside was pretty dense and cake-like, with no chewiness of bread.
Next time I try it, I think I will let the ice cream sit more -- until it is liquid. And I'll scrap the quantities. Instead, I'll pretend I'm making bread, and substitute the water with melted ice cream. Stay tuned...

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