Saturday, August 14, 2010

Meet Melissa Gaines and her blurry sexy pics

Melissa Gaines 1 - erikmcclure858_yahoo_com

Oh boy!
I had no sooner finished posting about the lovely Taylor Burch responding to my personals ad on Craigslist when Melissa Gaines (e-mailing from mailed me a couple more pictures of her lithe body and selling her profile on the same looks-like-a-phishing-scam site ( One of them was an NSFW naked-breasts pic which I haven't posted here (sorry -- but honestly, nothing to write home about, especially with the serious bikini tan lines).

Here's the e-mail exchange:

Melissa e-mail #1

Here is my picture as attached. Please e-mail me details what you are looking for along with your pictures. Thanks and waiting to hear from you soon.

Melissa e-mail #2

hey thanks for getting back to me
we should definitely meetup sometime...
if youre interested of course :)
a couple things i should set straight though:
1 we use condoms
2 you join a dating site that I belong to
no worries though its free
and my numbers on there so hit me up again when you get this thanks

E-mail addresses from which I have received responses from "Melissa" include:,

Melissa Gaines 3 - erikmcclure858_yahoo_com

Update: August 31st, 2010
Same pic, this time from "Steph" (

E-mail #1
Hey whats up interested in getting together?lemme know

Update: October 17th, 2010
Same pic, this time from "Steph" (

E-mail #1
hi just saw your post on cl and i am interested in getting to know you more ... do you have a pic i can see ..??

My Reply
Hi Steph,
Wow! You're gorgeous! Look, sorry to ask, but I've heard of fake profiles on Craigslist -- could you send me a picture with you and some other real person?
How old are you and where in the Lower Mainland do you live?


  1. HAHA just got the same emails and pics!

  2. Melissa Gains is now Annie Hawkins..amazing that she changes both her hair color and name between pictures.

    I'm going to hang out for the nude pics. May as well get something out of my post!

  3. Hey, thanks for posting this. I got an email from this girl and Candice. Still waiting for the nude pics lol.

  4. scam scam scammers.

  5. I just got the same shots. The boobs were nice.