Saturday, August 14, 2010

Meet Taylor Burch and her gorgeous boobs

Taylor - essasingletonyd318_yahoo_com

Over the last couple of weeks, I'd posted a Man Seeking Woman profile on Craigslist. I'd had enough of "friends" who were really needy I-need-a-shoulder-to-cry-on women latching on to me while they were in some drama/crisis or another, only to vanish after the crisis was over.
So I thought I'd take more initiative and try to be more choosy.

Anyway, it looks like tricking emotionally vulnerable men (i.e., guys posting personals on Craigslist) into signing up for pay sites or credit card phishing sites is big money.

The girl with the gorgeous boobs you see above is "Taylor Burch" and she (probably a "he"?) wrote to me twice with canned responses from and

Here is one such exchange:

Taylor e-mail #1

Your ad interested me. I am friendly, easy going and love to have a great time. I think we could have fun together. Send a pic and lets see what happens.

Taylor e-mail #2

cool :) lets do this then yea?
let me know when ur free
just do me a favor and sign up on my profile
its a service i use to make sure the guys i meet are safe bc ive had somebad experiences in the past
its free to sign up but you might need to put in your cc for the background check to view my profile and pics (nsfw btw haha)
when ur done feel free to give me a call/txt (my cell is on my profile)
heres a little sneak peak? hahaha :P
talk to u soon


The website link goes to, which isn't a craigslist site at all, of course. There aren't any useful or fine print links that are useful. Even the "report as spam" link redirects back to the profile.

Still... Nice pic. (^_^)

E-mail addresses from which I have received replies from "Taylor" include:,,

Taylor Burch - emshandleysk044_yahoo_com

Update: August 31st/2010
E-mail from "Diana" (, using picture #2
email be back with a pic if you like what you see.

Update: September 11th/2010
E-mail from "Diana" (, using picture #2
hi, how are you? I'm very clean, cute and love to have passionate fun. Here's a pic, I have more and would love to see yours too. Let's talk soon.


  1. nice pic Email me backtj.horn@hotmail

  2. Seen this too - same identity used, second photo was different and "she" has upped her game and now includes nude photos. Response was for a "casual encounter" post. Email address used was

  3. @Anonymous - Thanks for the report!

  4. good thing i check this out
    that email was used:

  5. Gosh i feel retarded now, & here iam thinking i got some sexy lady company. Thanks to this blog, forget craigslist

  6. @Anonymous Oct 12 -- Don't feel bad, dude. These people have been at it for a very long time and have worked out an effective response.
    At least you weren't taken in like probably dozens of others -- if it didn't make them money somehow, they wouldn't be responding all over Craigslist every day.

  7. i got almost the same email from a "steph levy" ditecting me to sign up for a "secureflirt", which links to
    thanks for posting this, what a scam.