Friday, November 10, 2017

Wholly Veggie

I got the chance to go to Yelp's Holiday Market Party, a fundraiser for the Lion's Gate Hospital Foundation as well as an opportunity for various up-and-coming food and drink vendors to show their wares. One of them was Wholly Veggie.

They are vegetarian, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy free. Which is almost vegan but not quite -- they still use egg as a binding agent, but apparently working toward being vegan in 2018.

I got to try all three types and I did like them for their strong, clear, flavour. Possibly strong enough to cut through whatever else you're throwing into a burger. Definitely don't overwhelm it like you might a regular burger. Wholly Veggie has various easy recipe suggestions online.

Something else I also really liked was how it wasn't trying to be meat in taste or texture. They are conveniently patty shaped and proudly vegetarian, advertising vegetarian flavour. Fake meat patties, often with soy and bitter overtones, have never really worked for me either as fake meat or as something tasty.
  • Herby Garlic Greens - Good garlic flavour but not too strong. Whether it's herby might depend on what herbs you're hoping to stand out.
  • Sweet Curry Carrot - Sweet and curry, no real heat here.
  • Southwest Beet - A firmer patty than the other two. Sweet plus surprising heat that quickly builds, but isn't really bitter or burning. And no, the spiciness isn't really advertised on the front of the package, but look at the top cover for the mention of chili.

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