Wednesday, November 8, 2017

La Petite Cakerie

I got the chance to go to Yelp's Holiday Market Party, a fundraiser for the Lion's Gate Hospital Foundation as well as an opportunity for various up-and-coming food and drink vendors to show their wares. One of them was Amanda Huhn's La Petite Cakerie, which had vegan and vegan-and-gluten-free goods.


I tried to sample the "normal" one alongside the gluten-free counterparts. As mini-cupcakes go, the vegan ones were very good and certainly much better than the generally oilier-feeling supermarket cheapies.

The gluten free cupcakes, however, had a grainy texture and a greater tendency to crumble, which is sadly common in gluten-free baking. It also had a flavour to it that demanded so much attention -- more than even the delicious cream on top -- that I found it too distracting to like.

That said, I am not celiac and for people who have to be gluten-free, to a great extent beggars can't be choosers and the difference might be moot anyway.

Cupcakes weren't the only things at the show of course -- cookies, brownies, and s'mores were all available. I liked that they didn't have an excessive sweetness or richness though that's probably a very personal choice. I do like that I could sample several of their wares without that over-sugared tired feeling.


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