Monday, November 24, 2014

Cobblestone Farms Fully Cooked Pork Back Ribs in Honey & Garlic Barbecue Sauce

Lots of good deals at No Frills this week, including 454g sticks of Lactantia butter at $2.97 -- and (as of Sunday morning anyway) no limit on the amount you can buy. I also picked up at $5.97 Cobblestone Farms Fully Cooked Pork Back Ribs in Honey & Garlic Barbecue Sauce.

It's a big box with a big bag that has a generous amount of barbecue sauce. My pack had a total of 7 ribs. The box is definitely way bigger than it needs to be. Give it a shake and you will know just how deceptively big it is.

What I liked about this product was that it was hard to mess up since it's already cooked. In the worst case, you can just heat it up and eat. I have a small electric grill and a Cookina Barbecue Mat, so I gave it a go with those but the instructions allow microwaving and using an oven.

Cooking instructions were simple and good enough. And with the excessive amount of sauce, you have plenty to spare after you account for loss from dripping off the grill. The Barbecue Mat saved me from using too much, but by the time cooking was done, the sauce that had dripped onto the mat was thoroughly burnt into crackers. Still easy to clean, though. And I have about a cup and a half of sauce left over.

The meat is not quite fall-off-the-bone but it does come free easily. Basically whatever "cooking" you are doing with this product is to sear the sauce onto the meat if you can. Otherwise you can pour it on later after separately heating the sauce. Definitely don't feel pressured to use all the sauce.

Overall, nothing special here except the sheer easy convenience of cooking and eating hot ribs at home. Regular price is $9.99 so this week is definitely the week to try (or stock up).


  1. One of the most disappointing purchases ever. My package was all sauce and very little meat. We had nine ribs, but they were tiny and had very little meat. We cooked them as per the instructions. The meat was very dry - not juicy at all. From now on, we will cook our own ribs.

    1. You're npt alone. I got 400 grams from a box of 680 grams

  2. Sorry to hear about your experience, Dave. The weight is on the package (whatever the box size, the weight should basically add up properly). It sounded like you had nine "tiny" ribs and very little meat -- so most of the weight was sauce??? If so I would definitely complain to the company about that. We had a lot of sauce, but not so much that there wasn't a decent amount of meat.

  3. I bought these at superstore and they were really good. I got nine normal sized. Wondering if nofrills got a batch of imperfections?

  4. Worst frozen ribs ever. Only about 400 of the 680 grams was ribs. The rest was sauce. The ribs were extremely fatty. Worst food experience since Yummy Chicken in Florida 30 years ago!

  5. TERRIBLE product. A complete waste of money

  6. Extremely dissapointed! The amount of ribs in the box amounted to maybe half the length of the box. Feeling ripped off 😠