Monday, November 10, 2014

Fruity stuff from Yak & Yeti Bistro

Yak & Yeti Bistro on UrbanspoonIf you've been to their sister restaurant Gurkha Himalayan Kitchen (a Mealshare supporter), you'll find Yak & Yeti quite a different experience. While a few items on the menu are the same, the rest is quite different. Price for portion is also pretty good and the filling entrees are $13-$16.

It's a long and narrow restaurant, so if you have a larger party of 6+ persons, you'll definitely want to try to make a reservation so that they can move some tables around if necessary or reserve the U-shaped dining area at the very end that can accommodate maybe 6-8 persons.

For my visit I opted for the two curious involves-fruit dishes but the momos, goat pickle, and masala fish were also quite good based on the feedback from the other diners in our group. Masala fish curry was served with brown rice, while jackfruit curry and goat pickle were served with white rice.

Wings ($9) Mango-mustard wings
  • This had a tasty sauce on it, but it tasted neither like mango nor mustard, if you absolutely need either flavour.
  • Works out to over $1 per wing, but that's sort of the going rate for appetizers these days. Plus it's tasty.
  • Despite the name, we got all drumsticks.
  • Served on a bed of token salad. If you also ordered momos, maybe save some of the mint chutney to use as a vinaigrette.
Jackfruit Curry ($14) Green jackfruit or “the vegetable meat” mixed cooked with bell peppers, onions, basil and special Himalayan spices. Exotically delicious. Served with white rice.
  • The portion didn't look very big but the long boat-like dishes were actually quite deep, so the portions of curry and rice were both actually a decent, filling portion.
  • Here, they use the unripe jackfruit instead of the sweet yellow ripened jackfruit. So if you know of the fruit from elsewhere (cans or maybe bubble tea houses), it's not the same thing and it's not a sweet curry.
  • It's basically tasteless in the curry. What you get is a very moist "meatiness". The fibrous nature of the fruit makes it look like pulled stewed chicken dark meat. Makes a decent looking fake-chicken.
  • Overall it's a pretty tasty curry at a good portion for price. If you want it spicy, boldly ask for that. Otherwise it's going to come out rather mild.

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