Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Red Robin Big Sky Burger

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I registered for Red Robin rewards earlier this year, but never really made it out for the birthday goodies and what not. Then recently I got an e-mail about their new Big Sky Burger, and since my friend had an Entertainment Book coupon for $5 off, we decided to go try it out as well as catch up after months apart.

As pictured, the burger looks pretty big and just bursting with goodness. And it is a big burger. Half pound patty. Just nowhere as mouth-watering as in ad copy, but I think everyone knows that already.

For one the patty didn't look as blackened as pictured and that grilled flavour didn't come through. The patty itself, however, was big and moist, and as burger patties go, is really decent.

The onion ring pictured looks like a generous portion, but it is actually a pretty small onion ring, about the size of Red Robin's smallest onion ring in their 13-ring stack appetizer. The diameter was probably just under 2 inches, compared to a burger that is over twice that. This burger could definitely have used two or three such rings for the flavour and crunch to have any chance of coming through.

The creamy goat cheese is a nice touch along with the sriracha (which doesn't come across as very hot after everything is taken into account). It's also a pretty messy burger to eat, and by default you get ONE napkin. I recommend you immediately ask for more.

The bun pictured is a round burger bun, but we got ours in a square focaccia that was on the dry side and that really hurt the overall experience. Combined with not having any wetter ingredients like tomato, despite the goat cheese this was a dryer burger and comes in at about 3/5.
The burger did fit everything inside its area, which helped with the sloppiness factor and not having ingredients slide out too much.

Price is $16.79, and it comes with a modest amount of fries, which you can change into poutine for $1.99. I recommend you do not since they basically just throw poutine gravy and some cheese on it. Don't waste your $1.99, especially when there is a generous portion of nice tangy dip for your fries already.
That dip could also be spread in your burger for a bit of extra zip.

The best that could be said for this meal is that for your $16.79, you got one heckuva filling meal. Don't even think of bottomless soda or a milkshake as you are unlikely to finish that without help.

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