Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Blue Water Cafe Chestnut Cheesecake

Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar on Urbanspoon I'm totally a sucker for seasonal specials, so after reading about Chestnut-Flavoured Holiday Items by Follow Me Foodie, I decided to give the much-hyped Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar a try. Just the dessert, though.

I dropped in late-ish (past 8pm) last Friday night and it was packed in there. A few seats at the bar, though, and since I was solo on this one it was easy to just nip in and go straight for what I wanted: Chestnut Cheesecake, and some peppermint tea to wash it down.

Tea ($4) came in a heavy black iron pot which presumably kept the water not for a nice long while. No dribbling at the spout when poured -- which isn't always the case with every teapot, just so you know.

Cheesecake (Mont Blanc - chesnut cheese cake, poached okanagan quince, vanilla ice cream $11) was rather horrifying small for the atrocious price, so right away expectations were high.

Presentation was beautiful and chestnuttiness was evident -- so much so that it competed nicely with the cheesiness of the cheesecake. Often, when you get a flavoured cheesecake, the cheese flavour is still so powerful that you might as well have just ordered a plain cheesecake. Here, the balance between chestnut (not that strong a flavour to begin with) and cheesecake was almost in the middle, with a slight lean toward chestnut. You still get the richness of cheesecake, of course. And on top, there are "noodles" of chestnut paste that you could scoop up with the chocolate flakes if you want just chestnut.

Balancing the possibly heavy feel of a slab of cheesecake are the ice cream and a sharply flavoured bit of quince to alternate your bites and help things along if you are determined to keep all this to yourself. The richness makes this portion fine for two persons.

Overall a very nicely composed cheesecake. Price is horrific at $11 but you already know to expect that when walking into Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar.

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