Thursday, December 25, 2014

PC® Candy Cane Eat the Middle First® Cookies

I have to admit that the "President's Choice" (and "No Name") brands sold at Superstore have long been for me and my mom synonymous with "cheap knock-offs". You typically find them as reasonable facsimiles stacked in the supermarket aisles next to name brands of the same type of item.

However, for many years now, around Christmas they have pumped out Christmassy items, and this year is no exception. At $2.48 per box this week, the President's Choice Candy Cane Eat the Middle First Cookies looked like a good deal as a Christmassy thing to have.

They were actually really decent. But let's start with what's bad with it:
  • The packaging on the inside still leaves them vulnerable to being jostled out of their plastic cradles. If you are hoping for a picture-perfect presentable item, this won't be it. As you can see from the pictures, they aren't bad, but aren't exactly perfect either. This would be a minor quibble any other time of the year, but it's Christmas.
    • If you are saving them as a secret treat for yourself or if your friends aren't going to take points off your Martha-Stewart-Score, then go ahead and stock up.
  • The "PC" brand may be synonymous with "cheap knock-offs" with other people as well, so you may feel embarrassed to actually put them out.
    • Things should go fine after they actually taste one. Fingers crossed!
Otherwise, this is a decent product. It has the time-tested Oreo formula and no skimping on the chocolatey look to the biscuits. The Candy Cane flavour is evident but not overpowering (though depending on your preference, might be on the weak side), and has enough mint to give this a product a refreshing feel in your mouth--which makes it dangerously easy to eat more and more of them, unlike regular Oreos which are straight chocolate an cream and can therefore build up to a heavy, tired feeling after too many.
Probably goes great with a mint-flavored coffee or cocoa for dipping.

I've arranged some of them into a Christmas Tree for presentation, using chocolate truffles for the trunk. Obviously, truffles are not included.

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