Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Breka (Homer and Davie)

Breka Bakery & Cafe on Urbanspoon I had had a good experience with Breka on Fraser before they branched out into Downtown Vancouver. Huge selection, great prices. Breka on Davie is still cheaper than having cake in a restaurant, but the selection is small compared to their Fraser Street location.

Selection size isn't necessarily a deal-breaker so long as you have great goods. Sadly I tried four of their items on Monday morning and only one was decently done. Which isn't to say the others were terrible, but rather they were in the limbo zone of disappointing to passable, either in taste, price, or both.

Banana Colada Latte ($4.55 for large)
  • Did not taste like banana or banana colada or anything really special. Don't buy this hoping for a banana colada experience. Buy this hoping for a slightly different latte experience. Price is okay unless you were hoping for banana colada.
Veggie Roll
  • Looked like unidentified dark veggies (some leafy stuff and olives?) in puff pastry. Tasted mostly like puff pastry. Not really a lot of filling here.
  • Didn't look bad in the counter, but what shows up after they heat it up (in a panini press?) looks very different.
    • Flattened. And with grill marks. Definitely heated through!
    • Oily. Am I allowed to say this twice? It's puff pasty, so if you think about it, you had to expect a half portion of the roll to soak about half your napkin.
  • Served with a slab of pickle, and you'll need it for the oiliness.
  • Pass on this one for the low amount of filling and the oiliness of puff pastry.
Strawberry Hannukah Sufganiyah (plural: sufganiyot)
  • Looks like a donut. And guess what? It is a donut. Don't buy this hoping it's something special, because it's not.
  • Strangely, tasted flour-y. Off-putting and made it inferior to regular donuts.
  • One glob of jam on top, various flavours available.
  • The jam on top shows about 1/4 of the total amount of filling used, concentrated at the centre of the donut. If you're hoping for a more extensively filled donut, look at whatever other donuts they have.
  • $1.75, if I remember correctly. Ouch. I still remember years ago when Tim Hortons donuts became pricey at 60 cents. Sigh.
Apple Danish
  • The one item that was rather nice.
  • Came out of the oven looking beautifully golden and glazed. Edge crust was crunchy without being fall-apart flaky. No need to sweep flakes and crumbs off my lap after eating this.
  • Apple filling not too gooey--no mess cutting or eating this one.
  • Not too sweet either. This will either be a disappointment or a pleasant surprise. For me it was the latter.
Cakes looked great. Stick with cakes and bread at Breka.

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