Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Excellent Chocolate Cake at Little Nest

Little Nest on UrbanspoonLast Friday I went back to Little Nest to meet an old friend back in Vancouver after traipsing around the world doing underwater welding. We met up at around 12.30pm, but walked her dog first, so we didn't get to Little Nest till later. We'd thought the lunch rush would be over, and it sort of was, but the place was still quite lively.

I offered to get her lunch, or at least a snack, but she insisted she'd had something to eat prior to coming out, so all she would agree to was a coffee. Which turned out trickier to order than I thought. "Just a coffee" is not explicitly listed on their menu board. They have Americano and Cappucino, if I remember correctly. I tried to explain my friend and I just wanted "a coffee" each, and the fellow at the till had to make the call. He wrote down "8N x 2", if I remember correctly. We both got a large cup of very strong coffee.

I also picked up a slice of "flourless chocolate cake" for $4.50. This came with an elliptical scoop of something that was probably house-made ice cream, except it was warm! -- YUCK! The cake, however, was a winner. It's not quite as "wow" as the vegan chocolate cake at Wallflower Modern Diner, with its generous oozing of chocolate sauce, but it's still really decent. On par with the large slab of gluten-free flourless quinoa chocolate cake from Bandidas Taqueria and around the same size and price.

The cake is quite heavy, and combined with the volume you get can make it a light meal all on its own, or a good sharing size for as much as four persons (providing no one person tries to hog it all).

The chocolate sauce is firm at room temperature, so it's safe to take home without fear of it making a wasteful melted-chocolate mess in your brown take-out bag. It's very dark, and the chocolate is on the bitter side. There's a slight grainy feeling in your mouth, like the quinoa chocolate cake from Bandidas, but otherwise no big deal.

Overall, it's a really nicely done chocolate cake, and the portion you get for $4.50 makes the price quite attractive as well, compared with other cakes and desserts you might get at coffee shops and restaurants.

After a somewhat lacklustre brunch the other day, it's nice to see they do some really mean treats. I'm definitely putting them back on my "to go" list for another dessert some time.

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