Monday, May 21, 2012

PC Blue Menu Chicken Sliders

PC Blue Menu Chicken Sliders: Mini Lean Chicken Burgers: "mini burgers made with tender breast meat prepared with red bell pepper, sun-dried tomato and a hint of herbs and spices - the perfect appetizer for summertime entertaining".
Ingredients: Chicken, water, toasted wheat crumbs, textured soy protein, dehydrated red bell peppers, salt, sugar, spices, sun-dried tomatoes (contain sulphites), spice extracts, flavour, garlic extract, onion extract. May contain egg.

On the plus side, the sun-dried tomato and other seasonings do give these burgers a little pep. If not for the "meat", I think it would have made a decent burger.

I say "meat", because I'm not sure just how much chicken is in each patty. While there is a bit of chicken taste (and chicken isn't exactly the most flavourful meat to begin with), the overall taste of each burger is so bland and wooden that the seasonings can't save it. And if you cut the burger open and have a close look, it sure doesn't look like chicken meat, ground up or otherwise. In fact, it has a porous look, almost like dried tofu.

The remarkable rubbery firmness of the burger is also disappointing. And that it is firmer than even chicken breast meat (depending on how dry your breast meat is) makes me suspicious of how much non-chicken filler in it. The ingredients include "textured soy protein", which is a common meat extender -- that is, it replaces some of the meat in a product so you get less meat without losing the protein.

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