Monday, May 28, 2012

McCain's Traditional Crust Pizza 4 for $10 at IGA

On and off I've written about cheap frozen pizza. Typically they hit a low price of about $5 for a typical large pizza. Well now there's frozen pizza that's even cheaper. This week at the IGA Marketplace near Metrotown, they are selling McCain's Traditional Crust frozen pizza at 4 for $10. That works out to $2.50 per pizza, AND you can save an extra $0.03 if you bring your own bag instead of taking one of their plastic bags.

The crust is thin enough to approach being "thin crust", and doesn't expand significantly when you bake it. Since other thin crust pizzas weighing in between 450 and 500 grams can be $5, this is a fantastic deal that's on this week. So what's the catch? Well...
  • It's slightly smaller than the other pizzas. It's hard to tell just by looking at the box, but the suspiciously lower weight should that away.
  • The tomato sauce is drastically reduced. In fact, there are many locations on the "Deluxe" pizza (pepperoni, green pepper, mushroom) I tried to day where you can see clear to the crust.
    • Yup, it's very skimpy on the sauce. But before you balk at this, consider:
      • It's still a savoury and salty-enough pizza.
      • Do you really want that much saltiness/sodium in your pizza?
    • It's an interesting trade-off to be sure. If you don't miss all that sauce, then this will be a passable line of pizzas.
There's nothing really special here about McCain's Traditional Crust pizza, but nothing wrong about it either. Taste-wise, it's comparable to other frozen pizzas. What's special is this week's 4-for-$10 deal at IGA Marketplace -- which, in case you didn't know, also delivers. So if you want this in *real* bulk quantities for that summer kids party or whatever, you might consider paying $6 for the convenience. Here's the blurb:

We Deliver
$6.00 local delivery
$3.50 for seniors
Free Delivery on Tuesday for Seniors (min. $35.00 order)
Delivery Service Hours: 8am - 8pm Everyday

McCain Traditional Crust Pizza

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