Monday, May 14, 2012

Fat-Free Cooking with Titanium

I had a few free tickets for the EPIC Sustainable Living Expo in Vancouver (just this past weekend, May 11th-13th). I donated four to the Crisis Centre and saved two for myself and Posh Pudding to attend. Sunday, May 13th was, of course, Mother's Day, so I had my eye out for a little something for mum.

Initially I was thinking of maybe a Swiffer Floor Sweeper since she didn't have anything quite like it and I didn't want her bending over all the time. But then I saw Plasmaic! At EPIC, there was a booth where this guy had a bunch of pots and pans laid out, and one on a portable stove. He first demonstrated the non-stick no-oil-cooking of his titanium frying pan by making a quick less-than-2-minute 1-egg omelette. After pouring in the egg, he let it fry for a moment, then loosened it from the pan by merely shaking the pan. After the omelette, he burned some milk in the pan and casually wiped it off without there being any sticky mess left behind.

The secret was the titanium coating. He explained that titanium was not porous like other metals, which meant less surface area for food to stick. And unlike Teflon, it was not toxic and there was no worry about using, for example, a fork on your frying pan (though, really, why would you want to deliberately subject your frying pan to a fork?). You can read more about it on their website.

Anyway, I was sold!

How much? $200!


In the end, I did get a smallish deep-dish frying pan (model 520) for my mom. $219 plus tax, and comes with see-through glass lid.

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