Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Yves Veggie Cuisine - Italian Veggie Ground Round

Yves Veggie Cuisine Italian Veggie Ground Round

I had previously tried Yves Veggie Cuisine Original Veggie Ground Round and hadn't been particularly impressed by it. A friend of mine read my review and suggested I try the pre-flavoured ground rounds, so I picked up a couple from Whole Foods.

For the Italian Veggie Ground Round, I threw it in my super non-stick titanium frying pan with some chopped up garlic and diced tomato, then made some wraps with it. It was on the dry side, so I added a bit of water.

Unlike the Original Veggie Ground Round, the Italian Veggie Ground Round did not suddenly massively inflate in volume. Overall it tasted almost the same, except for whatever spices were added to make an "Italian" flavour. The flavouring was quite weak, especially in comparison with the Mexican Veggie Ground Round, but overall the soy after-taste and slimy after-effect that characterized my experience with the Original Ground Round was very much reduced.

I feel this was a disappointing product as I had expected more "Italian" flavouring, whatever Yves would have liked to assemble such. From the picture, I had expected something akin to a meaty spaghetti sauce.

Since the flavour isn't particularly strong, if you are going to make a spaghetti sauce with it (for example), just go with the regular unflavoured ground round if it is cheaper, and make sure the base sauce is extremely flavourful.

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