Monday, December 2, 2013

Vegan Burger at Back Forty Saloon

Back Forty on UrbanspoonBack Forty Saloon is a dimly lit sports bar. The televisions are not as obtuse as at Jimmy's Taphouse, which makes it an inferior sports bar, but more balanced as a place to hang out with your friends if you are not into what sports are on TV.
Bar-height tables against the walls were uncomfortably arranged, being pushed right against the seat. Getting in or out was horribly awkward, so if your party is assigned such a section try to sit on the outside on barstools. Better yet, try not to get stuck with them and get proper sit-down tables and chairs.

Salads are pretty big here, so do ask your server about the portion size before committing to an order.
When I was there last Friday I gave the vegan burger a try.

Back Forty Vegan Burger ($12.40) Quinoa, cashews, oats, roasted garlic, B40 relish, avocado mousse, lettuce, beef steak tomato, toasted Kaiser. Comes with fries, salad, or slaw.

  • The patty on this burger is actually quite good, with a bit of sweetness (that, or the relish contaminated the piece of patty I was isolating to taste-test).
  • The rest of the burger was dead boring. There is some relish on top, and a minimally thin spread of avocado on the bottom (tasteless after everything else). I ended up slathering hot sauce on it to try to bring more flavour to life.
  • Even so, value at $12.40 is OK considering you get fries, and the patty is actually pretty decent. Just make sure you get condiments, as it's not at every table.
Smallish mug of iced tea was $3.

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