Monday, November 18, 2013

Jimmy's Taphouse

Jimmy's Tap House on Urbanspoon Could Jimmys Tap House please update their online menu? It's not totally different, but it's not the same either.

Jimmys has a great location, large space, and well-positioned TVs so that pretty much wherever you sit, you can watch the sports. Which makes it lousy for date night or get-togethers with friends where you're supposed to be catching up with each other.

They have happy hour every day of the week, which is pretty handy because weekday happy hours can be pretty tricky to get to. I was invited to a get-together with some friends on Saturday and we dropped in for happy hour. At some places (like Glowbal Grill), it is not clear on the menu which items qualify for half-priced happy hour, and you have to ask your server. At Jimmys it says right on the menu.

Chicken Wings ($10) Buttermilk fried chicken, sweet chili sauce
  • I chose the intriguing-sounding "butter hot" sauce. It was neither buttery nor hot, sadly. No idea what happened there -- maybe kitchen error in slapping on the sauce.
  • Good value at $5 but if you wanted to put down $10, order something more interesting.
Island Chili Chicken ($10)
  • This was really decent and would be OK at regular price. In terms of happy hour choices, it is probably the best.
  • Tender chicken bites, good crunch on the outside. Sauce was sweet but not overly so.
Poutine ($9)
  • The portion size is actually pretty decent here, and for the regular price of $9 it is OK value if you consider portion size alone.
  • The orange cheese tasted like that milky-tasting individually wrapped processed cheese slice stuff (e.g., Kraft Singles Cheese Slices), which was really off-putting for me.
  • I think the gravy could have been tastier. Other than that, there was a goodly amount of cheese curds.
  • Overall, mediocre unless you are looking for volume for your dollar.
Steak and Mushroom Bites ($10)
  • Our server's recommendation for something that the house is known for.
  • This turned out rather nicely, with tender, juicy pieces of steak. Good value at happy hour price.
Truffle Fries ($7)
  • Thin-cut fries with truffle oil. OK, but the portion is smallish. Inferior in taste and portion to the Parmesan Truffle Fries at Joe Fortes, which, at $10, is still better value.
  • OK to snack on while waiting for your main, but even at half price, spend your money on a drink instead.
Chicken Pizza ($13 -- NOT on happy hour menu)
  • This turned out to be approximately the Island Chili Chicken, but on a thin-crust pizza. 10", if I remember correctly.
  • As pizzas go, this could have been more interesting somehow. Maybe some heat to give it some kick.
  • Crust could also be a bit firmer on the bottom so it's easier to hold. Plus I don't know how they cut it, but it wasn't cut all the way through the crust, so it's handy that the standard cutlery comes with a steak knife.
  • For $13, it's OK considering the location and free TV.
Price-wise, at full price the appys feel a bit overpriced. At happy hour half-price, they are good value (and that is also accounting for the fact that the food is generally mediocre). For the regular menu items, price is okay or slightly over.
Go to Jimmys Tap House for what it is meant to be -- a sports bar, not a foodie destination. Even after you factor in cover price for pay per view events, it works out to a pretty decent place for a large group of sports buddies to hang out for a game.

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