Monday, December 23, 2013

Fat Cheezy Quesadilla at La Taqueria

La Taqueria on Urbanspoon I went back to La Taqueria last week to meet a friend for lunch. Instead of tacos, I gave their quesadillas a shot. I haven't seen or heard of anyone else ordering them, so hey, why not?!

The basic quesadilla has cheese inside. A LOT of grilled cheese. It's pretty thick with it, and on it's own, the $6 quesadilla is actually quite filling and good bang for your buck as cheap eats go.

If you are thinking of thin, grilled-to-crunchy quesadillas you might get at a pub, this is far from it. At the fold, it is maybe just over a centimeter thick from the sheer amount of cheese inside. If you peel it open, you can see that they have seared the cheese to a flavourful brown.

For +$2.50 or +$3.50 you can add a vegetarian or meat (respectively) filling, selected from the full list of taco toppings. This brings the total to around $9 -- the same as four meat tacos, and it's approximately the same amount of food.

If you're thinking of heading to La Taqueria, remember to check out their Monthly Specials and Word of the Day free-5th-taco promotions.

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