Monday, September 7, 2015

Mr. Ho Wonton House

Mr. Ho Wonton House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato I've passed by this place so many times but never bothered to go in (because I get better Chinese food at home, that's why!) But tonight it was my friend's pick and also in part because we were curious about how just how many types of wontons there could be in a wonton house, we wandered in.

Curious mix of both Chinese and non-Chinese persons. Hmm... At least for sure it would be easy for non-Chinese persons to order, which was great for the two of us.
The older gentleman at the front desk was very friendly. The older female server too, but a bit rushed -- just dropped off the menus and whipped around to be on her way. Subsequent behavior, however, convinced me that she was just busy and not meaning to be rude. Combined with the friendly front desk who even send you off with a friendly goodbye when you are leaving, I'm leaning toward not taking points off.

The many booth seats reminds me of Denny's or Red Robin, but they do have a section with round tables (which look like they could accommodate 12 persons). Booths feel a bit packed but seating is spacious. Seats feel a bit lower than normal, though.
We were put in a side room, so isolated enough from server traffic that I felt safe enough to sneak in some pictures this time...

TIP: Mr. Ho Wonton House website prices are WRONG as of the time of writing this review. Add about $1 to all items.

spicy wontons with garlic and hot chili oil - minus about 2 wontons we ate already
house special wor wonton soup (SMALL) - initial bowl
house special wor wonton soup (SMALL) - half eaten, still lots of meat left
Breaded Lemon Chicken (half order)
Breaded Lemon Chicken (sample oily underside)
chinese broccoli with oyster sauce
Spicy Wonton with Garlic & Hot Chili Oil ($7.75)
  • Each wonton is about the size of a ping pong ball. Tastes like wonton -- nothing special here.
  • Holy moly! For an "appetizer" you've got at least a light meal worth of wontons. The picture is minus about three wontons we had already eaten.
House Special Wor Wonton Soup ($7.95 for Small)
  • Even a "Small" is a pretty big and deep bowl.
  • Not that many wontons for a "wonton soup".
  • No cheating with fillers of carbs or veggies or soup. You get quite a lot of meat. In the second picture, you can see that once we ate some of the top stuff off, there's still quite a bit of meat left to go.
Breaded Lemon Chicken
  • Oily batter which you could tear off if you needed to.
  • White meat, a little thicker than schnitzel.
  • Disgusting "lemon sauce" which looked neon-coloured and tasted like concentrate or pop. The strong flavour is needed to combat the oily taste, however.
  • Recommend you order something with less radioactive looking sauce. Decent chili sauce/oil is available at every table in little pots.
Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce
  • Where's my oyster sauce?
Overall: Some items are duds (every restaurant has some) but with some items, price for portion is really good. Taste is OK, so this place adds up to being good as a value-for-your-money restaurant. Anywhere you can get a decent meal for around $10 or under deserves a bonus point nowadays.

TIP: The password for the free wifi is... "wonton"! (Of course! Duh. :D )

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