Monday, September 28, 2015

Geometry lesson at True Confections

True Confections Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato True Confections is a tightly packed space that is apparently wildly popular at night.
Alcoholic drinks are pretty cheap here, around $5.

$2.95 gets you a small pot of hot water (about 4-5 cups?), a tea bag, but no sign of a hot water refill. I asked for Tart Blood Orange and I got organic two leaves and a bud Paisley Label Tea. Even Starbucks will at least open your tea bag for you, and a grande tea there will cost you a bit less.

The cakes we tried (Diplomat, Devil's Food) were startlingly tall for ~$8.75... BUT skinny.
So... if you double the height but half the width... how much more cake than normal do you get for a price that weighs in at probably $2 more than par.
As for the cakes... my feeling is that they are mediocre. You can probably do just as well at home with cake mix. Maybe try their banana cream pie instead.

A more complicated and tastier slice at $4.25 from Breka will probably be much more satisfying and I recommend you go there instead. Plus, they are 24 hours. (Though sometimes you get duds).

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