Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Very hot "salad" at Tuc Craft Kitchen

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I was at Tuc Craft Kitchen over a year ago, and the menu has changed a lot. Fortunately still on the menu are the Orange Glazed Lamb Ribs (was $9, now $11), which are still three ribs per order, and still very delicious by all accounts of people who had them. I passed this time and tried curious-sounding things instead.

Crispy Bacon and Egg ($4)
  • Pretty much exactly as it sounds: Hard boiled egg wrapped in lightly battered bacon fried to a crisp.
  • This was on the menu way back when and probably kept because it's strangely good in its simple way.
Parsnip Fries ($5)
  • Long, noodle-like strings of parsnip, coated in batter and deep fried.
  • The sauce that came with this is really tasty.
  • The fries themselves weren't oily to the touch, but tasted like slightly oily batter.
  • Waste of time and overpriced for the fluffy 2-cup portion you get.
Farmer’s Summer ($16) tender squash, assorted beets, vine ripened tomatoes, ricotta cheese, sweet pea sugo
  • Sounded like a salad but it came in a very hot bowl. So hot the server needed to caution me.
  • The beets were shredded into long, thin, noodles. The experience of eating this is like having a hot bowl of noodles!
  • Definitely mix the goodies in the bowl or all the sauce will stay sunk at the bottom and leave you a sour-salty soup to finish.
  • TIP: Ask for a spoon when you order.
  • Overall, good tastiness but really more interesting than anything.
  • Found only one (1) yellow tomato smaller than a ping-pong ball.

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