Wednesday, April 6, 2016

BierCraft can make tofu tasty

BierCraft Tap and Tapas Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Came to BierCraft (Commercial Drive) for an official Yelp social with free appies plus one I tried to order but Yelp ended up paying for it anyway (thank you!). So, I didn't pay for anything, but I'm not obligated to BierCraft either.

Overall, prices are daunting for food and portions that are just OK... BUT! -- they do have some surprising things here and there that nets them bonus points.

You get bowls of popcorn dusted with... something (curry?) when you've placed your order.

Chicken Wings ($13) One pound of Fraser Valley natural raised wings: Mumbai sauce with mint mango raita or hot sauce with lime cilantro crema.

  • Picture below is NOT a typically sized order. We had shared appies, so I think they split a single order into multiple share plates across our long table.
  • Wings dry on the inside. Overfried, I guess. Probably a fluke.
  • Unless different plates got different things, I'm pretty sure we got the mumbai sauce on our wings since it wasn't spicy at all.
  • Each wing generously coated with sauce.
  • That mint mango dip is really good! Interesting and tasty.

Phillip's Dare Devil Orange Cream Soda ($5.50)
Tofu Stix ($7.50) Crispy fried tofu batons, sambal chili glazed, sweet and spicy ketchup

  • I hate tofu, especially the dull flavour and annoying slight bitter aftertaste. So obviously I had to try this, especially as it's labelled "crispy". Plus I don't see tofu so brazenly advertised often.
  • The sticks look soggy, but just under the generous glaze there's a cracker-hard coat that gives you deep fried crunchy fun. And this shell did NOT go soggy on us quickly.
  • Inside is just tofu. Meh. Which proves that tofu, like pasta, is really just there to convey other tasty things to your mouth.
  • The ketchup looked slightly more watery than, say, Heinz. And tasted like ketchup.
  • Amazing that they made tofu reasonably tasty for me.

2016-Apr-5 Biercraft - wings, mint & mango dip

2016-Apr-5 Biercraft - tofu stix

2016-Apr-5 Biercraft - tofu stix cross-section

2016-Apr-5 Biercraft - group table

2016-Apr-5 Biercraft - Orange Cream soda

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