Thursday, April 21, 2016

PappaRoti not a regular roti

PappaRoti Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato I'm a sucker for rotis of all kinds, so I was sort of weirdly disappointed that PappaRoti had buns and not flatbreads. But still, I went in...

The space is an airy and bright cafe, including a big communal table. Quite busy with people camped out with laptops, probably taking advantage of the free WiFi (password "karaktea").
It's also quite big, and if you go deeper, there's shadier seating.

Service was mixed. The counter girl manning the till was surly and maybe slightly hard of hearing. The European-looking gentleman was more professional -- and I really liked the fact that he intercepted my order of the Chocoliva topping to give me a sample first, saying that his own experience hadn't been what he expected at all. It definitely was a different flavour, so I really appreciated his concern and consideration.

Karak Tea ($3.80 small, $4.95 large) Originating in South Asia, this specialty tea is brewed with aromatic Indian spices and herbs. Combined with condensed milk, cardamom and freshly ground ginger, this tea was made specifically for PappaRoti Cafes.
  • Had a promising ginger aroma, but turned out terribly disappointing -- like a weak chai with somewhat weak ginger flavor. Definitely no ginger burn.
  • As for a spoon and STIR! Found out too late that a good portion of the condensed milk had settled at the bottom.
Bun + 1 topping ($4.75)
Bun + 2 toppings ($6.00)
  • I went with the chocoliva topping, which I found only on the TV screen above the order counter. It's one of the rotating ads.
    • Curious flavour to try -- not super-chocolatey, and has a touch of olive oil flavour, but also not very powerful. So you get some chocolate flavour, but it's not too rich.
    • Overall I'd recommend just going for chocolate and using less instead of this weird chocolate + olive oil concoction. Maybe ask for a sample before you commit.
  • It doesn't look like they give you a lot of topping, but it's actually more than enough.
    • You could try just having one person get a topping and then sharing it.
    • Using any of the toppings kind of kills the natural flavour of the bun, which is already quite good. Perfectly good on its own with a coffee or something.
  • The bun itself is very nice. Comes toasty warm, and has a delicious sweet-but-not-too-sweet crust.
  • Inside it's so fluffy! Overall fun to eat except for the crumbs.
  • As a unique treat it's great the first time but the price point really deters going again except to bring a Papparoti virgin there. There are other cheaper or similarly-priced options. What PappaRoti has is uniqueness.
2016-Apr-21 PappaRoti - small and large karak tea

2016-Apr-21 PappaRoti - roti, ice cream, kaya

2016-Apr-21 PappaRoti - roti, chocoliva

2016-Apr-21 PappaRoti - inside a roti

2016-Apr-21 PappaRoti - plant with creepy root

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